Tan Chengxu: make people feel more satisfied from safe and civilized constructions

Yesterday, Mayor Tan Chengxu came to some project construction sites which he paid great attention to, to inspect the progress of the project and the production safety and tackle some related problems by the site. Yi qingtao, secretary general of the municipal government, participated in the investigation.


During the investigation, Tan Chengxu pointed out that the leading departments and units of some projects should take the initiative to fulfill their duties and cooperate closely to solve the problems in the construction timely. It is necessary to strictly implement the responsibility of safe production, so as to ensure that the concept of safe production can be implemented in every construction link. It is necessary to strengthen the awareness of environmental protection to accomplish civilized construction. During the college entrance examination and senior high school entrance examination, it is crucial to strictly control the construction time and strengthen the management of noise pollution and dust pollution at the construction site. In addition, it is important to closely focus on the requirements of the time node and pay close attention to the implementation of the work, so as to ensure that the early completion of the urban construction project benefit people as soon as possible.