The Working Conference of Flood Control and Drought Relief was Held In Dalian

Yesterday, after watched the video conference about Liaoning flood control and drought relief work, Dalian held the working conference of flood and drought issues. Tan Chengxu, mayor of Dalian, stressed that each-level government shall carefully study and understand a series of important instructions made by general secretary Xi Jinping about prevention and reduction of natural disasters. It shall firmly establish the development thought centered on people and insist problem oriented mechanism to supervise weakness and strengthen responsibility implementation, so as to carry out flood control and drought relief in a strict meticulous way. Haoming, deputy mayor of Dalian, presided over conference. Luo Dongsheng, deputy mayor of Dalian, together with Yi Qingtao, secretary general of Dalian government, attended the conference.

Tan Chengxun stated that in line with the prediction of meteorological department, the rainfall in this-year flood season will increase. Besides, the extreme weather like thunderstorms and gales and heavy precipitation may occur in Dalian at any time. It still had weakness in our disaster prevention system and the emergency disposal capability shall also be improved for the severe situation of water supply security. We shall intensify overall consciousness to earnestly enhance the sense of urgency and mission to hardly centralize strength to solid foundation and supplement weakness, so as to fully implement the work of flood control and drought relief.

Through video consultation system, Tan Chengxu also communicated with leaders in Wafangdian City and Zhuanghe City to know the situations of security risk check in tailings pond, flood season management and placement of downstream residents. Besides, he put forward detail requirements.