Tan Chengxu Researched Pilot Work of “Vegetable Through Train” in Communities

“How much is the tomato?” “Is this cucumber picked up today?” In the afternoon yesterday, there was a special “customer” in a nearby”vegetable direct point” in Jinhong North Garden, Shahekou District. He examined stalls one by one carefully and chatted with salesman and citizens about price and domestic trivia. This special “customer” was Tan Chengxu, the mayor of Dalian City. On the fifth day of the initiate of “vegetable through train” in communities, Tan Chengxu came to partial direct points for field research. Yi Qingtao, secretary general of Dalian government, attended the research.

In order to solve the problems of “difficult and expensive vegetable purchase” and “difficult vegetable selling”, Dalian government initiated pilot work of “vegetable through bus” in Lijia Sub-district, Shahekou District on May 25. 10 vegetable through buses provided service for community citizens in 10 positions of 9 communities. The business line covers 20 to 40 varieties, which have all passed the quality and security check. Besides, the sale price was lower from 15% to 20% than nearby vegetable retail markets.

In “vegetable direct point”, Tan Chengxu knew the variety and price of vegetable and non-staple foods in detail. And then chatted with 81-year-old madam Guo who just purchased vegetables about the improvements. Guo said, the “vegetable shop” at the door not only provided convenience for citizens, but also sold cheap and fresh vegetables. Thanks for Party committee and government to work for people’s happiness. Tan Chengxu responded, “vegetable through bus” aimed to provide service for mass people. Your satisfaction was the recognition for our work. In future, we will further enlarge the service scope, increase supply variety and improve service quality to better satisfy people’s demands. Besides, Tan Chengxu also visited Jinxia South Garden and Jinhong South Garden and nearby “vegetable direct point” to know the pilot working situation and the suggestions of surrounding citizens.

In research, Tan Chengxu stressed that the yearning of mass people towards beautiful life was our objective of struggle. Each-level government shall firmly set up people-centered development thought guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era. With the spirits of caring and concern mass people and their well-beings, it shall solve the major livelihood issues about “difficult and expensive vegetables purchase” and “difficult vegetables selling” with overall plannings.

Tan Chengxu requested relevant departments to solicit suggestions from all sides among community citizens and appropriately adjust business hours to provide real convenience for mass people. It shall allocate “vegetable direct point” reasonably in accordance with citizen’s demand and business network layout. Besides, it shall carefully summarize the pilot working experience in line with market-oriented principle to gradually promote in the whole city, so as to seek more benefits for mass people practically.