Tan chengxu Met with Japanese Guests Attending Dalian Chinese Scholartree Blossom Affairs

Let the sophora flower lead you to the romantic Dalian. esterday, the mayor Tan Chengxu met with representatives of the Akita Prefecture delegation headed by Takahisa Satake of Akita Prefecture in Japan, the Hokkaido delegation headed by Kenji Sato, deputy governor of Hokkaido, and Nimiyasu Ninomiya, executive director of Japan Airlines. Yi Qingtao, the Secretary-General, attended the meeting.


Tan Chengxu welcomed the Akita Prefecture delegation and the Hokkaido delegation to attend the related activities of Dalian Chinese Scholartree Blossom Affairs and briefed the guests on the economic and trade cooperation and non-governmental exchanges between Dalian and Japan in detail. He said that this year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up and the 40th anniversary of the conclusion of the Sino-Japanese treaty of peace and friendship.


Takahisa Satake and Kenji Sato spoke highly of Dalian's beautiful urban scenery and good development environment, and hoped to take this visit as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in economy and trade, education, culture, tourism, sports and other fields between the two places so as to further deepen the friendly relations.


during the meeting with Nimiyasu Ninomiya, Tan chengxu said that the Dalian route opened by Japan Airlines 21 years ago built an air bridge between Dalian and Japan, provided convenient transportation, and made important contributions to promoting close contacts between Dalian and all walks of life in Japan. At present, the economic and trade exchanges between Dalian and Japan are deepening and personnel exchanges are becoming increasingly frequent. He hoped that Japan Airlines would seize the favorable opportunity to increase the density and route of flights between Japan and Dalian and play a greater role in promoting friendly cooperation between Dalian and Japan.


Nimiyasu Ninomiya expressed that Japan Airlines will take Dalian as a key area to expand its business and further promote economic, trade, tourism and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Japan and Dalian.