Tan Chengxu Presided Over Meeting for Rectification Work of "Low Efficiency in Handling Affairs"

Yesterday, Mayor Tan Chengxu preresided over the meeting to re-deploy rectification work on "low efficiency in handling affairs."

Recently, the provincial party committee and the provincial government organized a working group in order to learn the development of the rectification work of "low efficiency in handling affairs." They made secret visit to administrative service windows and units and circulated a notice to criticize some service windows for  existed problems.

 Tan Chengxu asked those offices to analyze the reasons seriously, reconsider profoundly and rectify immediately and call to account to the responsible person. All departments must learn lessons, draw inferences, further strengthen self-examination and self-correction, resolutely rectify similar problems found in the district, taking practical actions to preserve the good image of the party and the government.

At the meeting, Tan Chengxu also made requests for further preparations for the 29th Dalian Sophora Viewing & Northeastern Asia International Tourism Culture Week.