Tan Chengxu Presided Over A Special Meeting to Accelerate the Reform of Public Institutions

Yesterday, the mayor Tan Chengxu presided over a special meeting to implement the spirit of speeding up the reform of public institutions in the whole province, listen to the report on the promotion of institutional reform in industrial zone and fully deploy all tasks of reform. Lu Lin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Party Committee, Wang Yuanxin, Vice Chairman of Municipal Political Consultative Conference and Director of the Editorial Board Office, and Yi Qingyi, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government attended the meeting.


Tan chengxu stressed that accelerating the reform of park institutions is duty-bound to development, and it is the inevitable choice to promote the high-quality development of economy. Comrade Chen Qiufa went to investigate the institutional reform of the industrial parks, knowing the situation comprehensively and giving guidance, and put forward clear requirements for the institutional reform of the parks. We should conscientiously study comrade Chen Qiufa's requirements in his research speech to emancipate the mind and change ideas and explore bravely, objectively understand the problems and shortcomings in the construction and development and improve the management system and operation mechanism of the industrial parks. In addition, deepening the reform on streamlining administration and delegating power to the lower levels, delegating power and strengthening regulation and optimizing services will be carried out comprehensively to optimize and integrate the parks which are scattered, weak, small and functionally equivalent. And improving and perfecting the assessment and evaluation mechanism is consistently carried out to further stimulate the internal dynamics. So the industrial parks can see a new pattern of distinctive and differentiated development.


Tan Chengxu called for strengthening leadership and fulfilling responsibilities to further clarify various reform tasks, implementing departments and the timeline. It is necessary to strengthen the top-level design and enhance the systematicness, integrity, and synergy of the reform. Besides, Tan Chengxu stressed on paying adequate attention to inspection and supervision, adhering to the goal - oriented, problem-oriented and results – oriented to promote real work to ensure that institutions and industrial parks have achieved solid results in the reform.