Tan Chengxu Have an Informal Discussion with Director of Liaoning Branch of China Agricultural Development Bank

Yesterday, in the VIP room of the municipal government, Tan Chengxu, deputy secretary of party committee and mayor, have an informal discussion with Liu Xifeng, party committee secretary and director of the Liaoning Branch of China Agricultural Development Bank. They exchanged opinions and reached a broad consensus in terms of further strengthening the political and banking cooperation, promoting the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy and supporting for local economic and social development in a sincere, trustful, and pragmatic atmosphere.

Tan Chengxu said in the discussion that the implementation of the rural development strategy is inseparable from the support of a multi-level and diversified financial system. He hoped that the Liaoning Branch of China Agricultural Development Bank could pay more attention to the development of Dalian. Based on the cooperation between the two sides in the early stage, we should explore new modes of cooperation, study and introduce credit policies with greater support, develop more targeted financial products, and support Dalian's work on agriculture, rural areas and farmers in policy and finance.

Liu Xifeng reviewed the cooperation situation between Liaoning Branch of China Agricultural Development Bank and Dalian, and introduced the support focus for the future in detail. He said that the Bank would closely focus on the actual needs of Dalian, give full play to the policy bank’s advantages, innovate the content and method of financial service, continuously improve financial service level, share the worries of local government and enterprise, and better promote the development of Dalian.

The discussion was attended by Vice Mayor Jin Guowei and Yi Qingtao, secretary of the Municipal Government.