Tan Chengxu: Task Must Be Completed within Time

Yesterday, Mayor Tan Chengxu deployed all tasks in the second quarter at the the 1st teleconference of corruption work of municipal government. He asked governments at all levels to stick to revitalizing development and the construction of a clean government. He pointed out that we should determine the goal and pay close attention to implementation, ensuring that the task must be completed within the time to lay a good foundation for achieving the full-year development tasks.

Tan Chengxu emphasized that we should keep the steady growth of economy, continuously carry out the assistance of“go to enterprise and solve problem”, promote major projects to become bigger and stronger such as Intel, Hengli, Dalian Guangyang, and pay close attention to consumption growth and foreign trade export. Moreover, we must consolidate our economic and trade exchanges with key countries and regions, deepen the cooperation between Dalian and Shanghai, achieving new breakthroughs in attracting investment. We must effectively guard against major risk, vigorously promote accurate poverty eradication, and do a good job in poverty alleviation collaboration, counterpart support in east and west region and counterpart assistance in the province, and carrry out in-depth pollution prevention.

He also said that it is necessary to speed up the development of the coastal economic zone, participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road” and fully apply for the construction of Dalian free trade port. We must put pressure on ourselves, exploit potentialities, and fully complete the specific task of paying attention to practice work, strong enforcement and implementation.”We must solidly promote the reform of the government's system and build a scientific, rational, coordinated, and convenient government management system. We must improve social security and improve the people's livelihood, including promoting 15 key livelihood projects in an orderly manner, steadily implementing "warm house" and old house maintenance projects, and gradually increasing the income of urban and rural residents and various groups. We must deepen the construction of Safe Dalian, crack down on illegal and criminal activities, strengthen safety production supervision, and consolidate the good situation of harmony and stability.