Tan Chengxu Stressed on Creating A Peaceful Festive Atmosphere for the Citizens And Tourists

Yesterday was the first day of the May Day holiday. In the morning, Mayor Tan Chengxu led the team to visit some of the tourist attractions and transportation hubs for inspection. He stressed that everyone must fully implement the spirit of the important directives of the leading comrades of the Central Committee on safety and stability and the work arrangements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, firmly establish the bottom line thinking and the awareness of the red line, and resolutely overcome the paralysis and fluke mind to create a peaceful and festive atmosphere for the general public and tourists.


Tiger Beach Ocean Park Polar Region Embassy was crowded, Zoo officials predicted that the admission that day will reach 15,000 visitors. Tan Chengxu had learned the operation of the fire alarm control system in the museum and carefully examined whether the safety fire doors, emergency lighting and automatic sprinkler systems were in normal technical condition. He pointed out that the safety of tourist attractions during the holiday season is crucial. Everyone must always put safety first, and assign responsibility and measures for safety to everyone, every position and every link to prevent all types of accidents from happening, so that visitors can have fun.


During the investigation, Tan Chengxu made specific arrangements for forest fire prevention work and requested that festival duty and management of field fire sources and combustibles should be strengthened. Inspections and removing the hidden trouble should be conducted to to ensure forest fire safety.


The secretary-general Yi Qingyi participated in the inspection activities.