Tan Chengxu Joined Liaoning Delegation Groups in Examination and Approval of Government Work Report

Yesterday, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and premier of the State Council, went into Liaoning Delegation to participate in the examination and approval with great care from the Central Party Committee and the State department to people of Liaoning. The delegates, centering on the reports, basing on facts, talked about feelings and plans, provided recommendations, discussed developments in a warmly and harmonious atmosphere. Tan Chengxu, deputy of the National People’s Congress and mayor, said in his speech that the Municipal Party Committee and the City Government will deepen the implementation of the major strategies in our nation and accelerate development and openness of the coastal economic belt in Liaoning Province.

Tan Chengxu enumerated achievements of the coastal economic belt in Liaoning Province. Last year, with GDP up by 7.1%, our city realized a consist increase during 11 quarters; general budgets grew by 7.5%, investments in fixed assets grew up 15.1%, added value of above-scale industries grew by 11.2%, the per-capita disposable income of urban and rural residents grew by 6.7% and 7.7% respectively; major projects including Phase I of Hongyan River Nuclear Power Station were put into operation, key industrial parks like Changxing Island Economic Regions accelerated their construction. Six cities of the coastal economic belt created 52% of the GDP and 47% of the financial revenue in the whole province.

Tan Chengxu said, the Report proposed the strategy of effectively implementing harmonious development in the region, and promoting high-quality development with high level of openness. We will be guided by Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, thoroughly implement the spirits of the 19th National Congress, fully carry out the plan of three crucial years for the coastal economic belt in Liaoning Province by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. According to the advanced international rules, strengthen the formation of reform measures, develop more achievements on system renovation, fully promote the construction of the free trade zones; promote integrate developments of the Gangchan City, actively build the comprehensive experimental areas of the belt and the road and demonstrating areas of economic and trading cooperation, accelerate the construction of the international shipping center in Northeastern Asia; effectively implement the 2025 Dalian Act Plan of Chinese Production, promote optimization of the equipment manufacturing industry, build advanced manufacturing bases; provide full service on renovation and new businesses, improve and perfect investment and Financing Mechanism, deepen the reform on the system of talents development, advance the two abilities in all directions and promote more solid results in the construction of the coastal economic belt.