Tan Chengxu: Attach Importance to Matters Concerning Ordinary Citizens

The construction of Northeastern High-pressure Pipe Network with 100,000 new natural gas users is one of this year’s fifteen important livelihood projects in our city. Yesterday, mayor Tan Chengxu stressed on the Promoting Conference on Construction Project of Natural Gas Pipe Network that the government should attach importance to matters concerning ordinary citizens and firmly deliver on the promises of the Municipal Party Committee and the City Government to all the citizens, making every effort to meet their demand of security, cleanliness, efficiency and high-quality energy.

Tan Chengxu pointed out that Dalian was the second city nationwide that employed manufactured gas more than a hundred years ago. With the rapid development of the city, our gas supply capability has been unable to meet the growing demand of ordinary citizens. Having access to natural gas in Dalian demonstrated the willpower and determination of the Municipal Party Committee and the City Government to settle this weakness of the people’s livelihood with the strength of the whole city. We should enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, work diligently and advance the plan as a whole to fight this battle together.

Tan Chengxu required related units to arrange construction manpower, equipment, materials and construction period properly, making every effort to ensure project progress. Safe and Civilized construction was also required to minimize influences on environment and people’s lives.

At the meeting, related work was arranged by Deputy Mayor Luo Dongsheng and heads of related regions, departments and units made statements to commit themselves.