Tan Chengxu Visited Liaoning Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Dalian branch

Yesterday, accompanied by Jin Guowei, deputy mayor of Dalian People’s Government, Tan Chengxu – mayor of Dalian People’s Governmnet – and other officials visited the headquarter of Liaoning Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Dalian branch.

When communicating with the leadership of the inspection and quarantine agency, Tan Chengxu expressed the gratitude to the agency and the working personnel for the contributions they make for development of the export-oriented economy in Dalian.

Tan Chengxu had deep exchanges with the working personnel for further improving surveillance conducted by the inspection and quarantine agency.

“Liaoning Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Dalian branch is active in integrating into the development of Dalian. You have done a good job in transforming the agency’s functions, cracking down against illegal trading acts and serving the economic development of Dalian. Particularly since last year, the agency is conscientious in finishing the pilot works during the whole process of law enforcement. It plays an active role in supporting construction of the pilot free trade zone. It plays an important role in enabling the ‘No.2 yellow soybean’ future contract to be listed on Dalian Commodity Exchange. You have made great contributions to development of the mixed-ore business at the port of Dalian and shortening time for the inspection and quarantine process. I hope you make more contributions to development of the local economy,” Tan Chengxu said.

“Opening is the distinct character of Dalian. It’s the foundation of the development. Dalian develops based on openness. Dalian will definitely win the future,” Tan Chengxu said.