Mayor Tan Chengxu Chaired Meeting Ascertaining 15 Projects for Improvement of People’s Welfare

Yesterday, Tan Chengxu, mayor of the people’s government of Dalian chaired the 3rd executive meeting of the 16th session of Dalian municipal government.

After deliberation, the attendees ascertained 15 projects which are essential for improvement of the people’s welfare in 2018.

Mayor Tan Chengxu arranged related works at the meeting.

After deliberation, the attendees passed the Report on Rectifications of Shortcomings Specified by Feedback Made by Environment Inspection Group Dispatched by Ministry of Environmental Protection and other motions.

The meeting was also attended by Lu Lin, Wen Xueqiong, Hao Ming, Luo Dongsheng – the deputy mayors of the people’s government of Dalian, as well as Yang Guangzhi – director of the managing commission of Changxing Island Economic Zone. 

“The 15 welfare projects are the concrete measures taken by the municipal government to implement the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The projects embody the will of the municipal government to implement the people-focused idea of development. All levels of governmental departments should fully realize the significance of the projects and further strengthen the sense of mission and the sense of urgency. The personnel should assume the due responsibility for works related to construction of the projects, as well as the responsibility for financing of the projects. They should ensure satisfactory construction of the projects and win the people’s trust with practical results in improving the people’s welfare. We should steadily promote works related to the projects by specifying the timetable and road map, and conscientiously subject us to supervision by all circles of the society including the urban the residents. We should strengthen the supervision, ensuring the projects to meet the requirement in terms of quality, time limit and safety so as to enable the projects are free of corruption, satisfy the requirement of the people and stand the test of history,” Tan Chengxu said.

After deliberation, the attendees passed the Plan for Deepening Reform in Investment & Financing Structure and Measures for Managing Approvals & Registrations of Investment Projects in Dalian.

Tan Chengxu required all levels of government and related governmental departments to conscientiously raise the political awareness, further improve the correlation, effectiveness and operability of the plans, specify the key points of works, and improve the working mechanism. He also required them to fully realize the significance of the plans, strengthen preliminary as well as ex post facto supervision of works related to the projects, optimize the process of work flow, and provide advisory services for the enterprises based on the principle of maximally facilitating works of the enterprises.

After deliberation, the attendees passed the Measures for Managing Boats of Recreational Fishery in Dalian and other motions.

The meeting made concrete arrangements for strengthening the effort to attract investment, guard against potential risks in major construction projects, maintain social stability and safety, etc.