Tan Chengxu Attended the Enterprise Symposium of Business Circles

It has the homly coversation to speak frankly and sincerely, it also has the negotiation to plan. Yesterday, 20 key executives from different fields of our city, such as equipment manufacturing, new energy, software development, bio-pharmaceuticals industry, petrochemical industry, logistics industry, commerce, architecture industry and fashion design and production came to Bangchuidao Hotel to attend enterprise symposium of business circles held by Dalian Government. Tan Chengxu sat with the group, listening to opinions face to face, solving problems point to point, and seeking development heart to heart.

The discussion lasted two and a half hours. The entrepreneurs advised bluntly, suggested sincerely and talked about their development confidently. Tan Chengxu thanked everybody for his frankness and sincerity. He also thanked the enterprises for rejuvenating the economy, promoting development with innovation, and making contributions to Dalian's economy and society. He said that the 19th CPC National Congress made a strategic plan for strengthening the real economy.The real economy is the foundation for the revitalization and development of Dalian, it is also the advantages and key. We must further strengthen our confidence and determination in developing the real economy.

Tan Chengxu earnestly said to entrepreneurs:” Dalian has many glorious moments, we are very proud of it. However, the task of urban development is still very hard and we need to catch up. We need to give full play to the advantages of our city's real economy, consolidate the foundation for the real economy, grasp key points of the real economy and achieve high-quality development.

The symposium was attended by the leaders Dalian City, such as Luo Dongsheng, Jin Guowei and Liu Gang.