Tan Chengxu Went to the Community to Understand the Social Conditions and Public Opinion

With the continuous development of our city, the increasing urban population and the rapid growth of the number of vehicles, traffic management in our city faces many new situations and new challenges. Yesterday, Tan Chengxu, the mayor of Dalian City, investigated the urban traffic management and paid his condolences to the traffic police who stick to the traffic management. Yang Yaowei, the deputy mayor of Dalian City, and Luo Dongsheng went to investigate.

Tan Chengxu first came to the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Datong Street, viewed current traffic conditions and conducted indepth exchanges with traffic police on the issue of the road network structure, traffic facilities, traffic flow and traffic organization, discussing effective solutions to traffic congestionon. In the traffic police detachment of Zhongshan Brigade, Tan Chengxu shook hands with the traffic police on duty. He expressed his condolences to those traffic police and auxiliary police who stick to their post on behalf of the Dalian Municipal Committee and Government. He told the responsible person of traffic police department to adjust a good schedule for the first-line police and learn to work with rest, ensuring that everyone is healthy.

Huawusuo community in Xinghaiwan Subdistrict has several residential buildings failed to disrepair, Tan Chengxu came to the house of Zhang Ziyun to understand the situation. He touched the heating radiator to test its temperature and took a look at the indoor temperature. Tan Chengxu also inspected the maintenance and renovation of the old elevators in New Hope Garden and visited the needy resident ,Wu Tianyi, with the care of the party and the government.

 Yu Li (the leader of Shilinqi community in Xinzhaizi Subdistrict), Li Qinglan(the resident of Gangxing community in Donggang Subdistrict )and the leaders and residents of other 10 communities gave their speeches at the symposium presided over by Tan Chengxu. They put forward opinions and suggestions on many problems, such as carrying out community-based care, constructing the parking lots, increasing public kindergartens and fitness venues, solving the dark road. The four district governments and the heads of many departments, such as the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, Urban Construction Bureau, Education Bureau responded to all the concerns one by one and expressed that they will incorporate these opinions and suggestions into the future deployment and improve people's well-being practically.

In the investigation, Tan Chengxu also exchanged views with the staff of Huawusuo community. He said that the various deployment of superior departments must be carried out one by one through grassroots organizations. The work directly facing the masses is the "first-line" for the connection between the party and government and the masses. We must constantly broaden the channels for linking masses and serving masses, trying to do practical work, benefited work and difficult work for the masses realistically and sincerely.

Luo Dongsheng, the deputy mayor of Dalian City, went to investigate.