Ensuring Construction of Major Projects in Dalian: Tan Chengxu

Yesterday afternoon, Mayor Tan Chengxu chaired a meeting at the international conference hall in the municipal government building, listening to briefings made by related departments on the development of investment in major projects in 2018 in Dalian, but what attracted the attention of the municipal leaders at the meeting was the yearly progress of the investment for the projects, the time sequence of the investment and other key issues.

The meeting focused on works of coordination for the major projects which would settle in Dalian in 2018.  

At the meeting, the attendees were firstly briefed on development of the major projects, the arrangement of works and the month-by-month plan for construction of the major projects by officials from the county, district and county-level city governments as well as the officials from the management commission of the Pilot Zone. The attendees were later briefed by the officials from the municipal development and reform commission, the commerce bureau and the economic cooperation office on the target, tasks and specific measures related to fixed-asset investment in Dalian in 2018. And finally, the attendees were briefed by the officials on development of projects which are confirmed to settle in Dalian, projects which would likely settle in Dalian, projects which are still under negotiation, as well as the target, tasks, specific measures for attraction of investment, stage-by-stage construction of the confirmed projects, etc.

“We must ensure the construction of major projects in Dalian,” Tan Chengxu said.

“While creating a favorable environment for investment in Dalian, we should also encourage enterprises to invest in other places outside Dalian. And while competing for investment projects to settle in Dalian, we should attract more enterprises to invest in construction projects in Dalian,” Tan Chengxu said.

“We should improve the appraisal mechanism and the incentive policy for the investment projects. By integrating resolute actions with a persevering attitude, we are determined to push the construction of major projects to a new level in Dalian,” Tan Chengxu said.

The meeting was attended by leaders of the municipal government – Lu Lin, Wen Xueqiong, Hao Ming, Luo Dongsheng, Jin Guowei, as well as other officials including Yang Guangzhi – the director of the managing commission of Changxing Island Economic Zone.