Creating a Safe, Orderly Traffic Environment for the People: Tan Chengxu

Yesterday, Mayor Tan Chengxu and other officials visited some of the traffic policemen working on the frontline while inspecting the works of urban traffic management in Dalian.

The deputy mayors – Yang Yaowei, Luo Dongsheng accompanied Tan Chengxu on the tour.

Tan Chengxu and the officials firstly came to the crossroad between Zhongshan Road and Datong Street, inspecting the road conditions and communicating with the on-duty policemen over the conditions of road network, traffic facilities, traffic flow, traffic organization, and at the same time, he briefly exchanged views with the traffic policemen over solutions to traffic congestion in the urban area.

Afterwards, Tan Chengxu met with the officials from the Public Security Bureau, the Urban Construction Commission, the Urban Planning Bureau, the Urban Construction Bureau, the Transportation Bureau as well as the traffic police division, listening to their briefings and suggestions on urban traffic management. They exchanged views on further improving the works of traffic management to create a safe, smooth traffic environment for the people in Dalian.

 ‘Traffic management matters every urban family; it relates to the urban image of Dalian; and it directly embodies the level of urban management,” Tan Chengxu said after listening to briefings made by the officials.