Tan Chengxu: Keep Dreams in Mind While Being Practical to Break New Ground for the Construction and Development of “Industrial Structure Optimization

“Everyone shall keep dreams in mind while being practical. All undertakings must be promoted in a strict steady way to break new ground for the construction and development of ‘Industrial Structure Optimization and Social Economic Development’”, said by Tan Chengxu, the mayor of Dalian, to leading cadres from all levels of government departments in the First Plenary Session of the 16th Meeting.

In his speech, he mentioned that “keeping dreams in mind” requested us to heighten awareness and broaden horizon. Relied on persevering study and fully absorbed wisdom to make strategic orientation and development pattern scientifically for Dalian at the height of regional economic environment in Northeast Asia. Through reform and open innovation to boot civic pride towards city and form consensus. “Being practical” demanded us to work steadfastly and make the implementations in a strict way. Every staff should review the facts, be honest, do practical things in high efficiency and strongly advocate the spirit of contract, suit the action to the word and keep promise. It needed to pay close attention to the project construction, focus on promoting industrial upgrading and cultivating tax-source enterprises, clarify the work thought of grasping the project, speed up the construction of key regional construction projects and people's livelihood. All these issues shall be conducted in line with monthly schedule and orderly progress to further enhance the city's development momentum. It shall start from what the general public care about, take people’s satisfaction as the standard to provide sufficient heating for the city this winter,  take innovative measures to effectively solve the problems of parking difficulties and traffic congestion. It must further strengthen the awareness of the rules and standardize the work behaviors so as to let the regulations strongly play their roles and to further enhance the institutionalization and standardization of government work.

Tan Chengxu stressed that departments at various levels should resolutely implement the major policy decisions and arrangements to ensure that the new government set a bright opening and make a good start. At present, it shall strengthen the social stability and production safety, to enhance holiday support, ensure market prosperity and stabilization of prices. We must do our best to solve problems for the families and the people in straitened circumstance to guarantee all people in the city can enjoy a joyful, peaceful and happy Spring Festival.

The meeting was attended by municipal government leaders, Lu Lin, Hao Ming, Yang Yaowei, Luo Dongsheng and Jin Guowei, as well as Yang Guangzhi, director of administration committee of Changxing Island economic zone.