Tan Chengxu: Accomplish Suggestions and Proposals Wholeheartedly to Satisfy Representatives and the Masses

Yesterday, Tan Chengxu, the mayor of Dalian, presided over the First Session of the 16th Municipal Executive Meeting. It deployed the assignments and working issues of suggestions and proposals put forward by representatives of NPC and CPPCC.

Li Ergong, deputy director of municipal people's congress and Wang Lingjie, vice chairman of municipal committee were invited to attend the meeting. Besides, it was also attended by municipal government leaders, Lu Lin, Hao Ming, Yang Yaowei, Luo Dongsheng and Jin Guowei, as well as Yang Guangzhi, director of administration committee of Changxing Island economic zone. The comrades taking charge of the relevant departments of standing committee of municipal people’s congress and municipal committee notified the situation of municipal reports examined by NPC members and the discussions of the “Government Work Report” among CPPCC members respectively.

On behalf of municipal government, Tan Chengxu expressed appreciation to standing committee of municipal people’s congress, municipal committee and all representatives for their support for the government and active advice and suggestions. He mentioned that during the two sessions, the representatives have put forward 651 suggestions and 475 proposals on the basis of the actual situation of government work.

The meeting conveyed the spirt of the supervision details towards Liaoning province made by national marine supervision first group. Besides, it discussed and implemented the relevant advice and suggestions. Tan Chengxu stressed that it shall improve political conception, realize the importance and urgency of protecting marine ecological environment and enhance the ecological restoration profoundly. The supervision and rectification shall be considered as a serious political task to carefully and thoroughly rectify the existing problems. It shall further improve the long-term mechanism of protecting and utilizing marine resources to improve the level of our municipal marine ecological civilization construction.