Xiao Shengfeng meets with the person in charge of the International Organization for Standardization

Yesterday, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng met with Zhang Xiaogang, chairman of International Organization for Standardization (ISO), at Dalian Hotel. Liu Yan, deputy mayor of Dalian attended the meeting.



ISO is a global non-governmental organization with its headquarter located in Geneva, Switzerland, owning more than 160 member countries. The organization aims at establishing international standards and coordinating global standardization work. China joined the organization in 1978 and became a permanent member in 2008 offically. Xiao expressed welcome to Zhao’s arrival and introduced economic and social development of Dalian. As the foundation of quality,  the standard plays more obvious part. Dalian pays high attention to the construction of standardization and establishes instructions on standardization work, standardized subsidization and reward policies based on the worldwide foresight, international standards and local advantages. Dalian also encourgaes enterprises to actively participate in the emendation work of international standardized technical organizations and international standards. The international standards and foreign advanced standards will be fully adopted to integrate standardization into all fields of urban development. Dalian will further strengthen the cooperation with ISO to improve the level of standardization work and promote economic transformation and development.



Xiao highly appreciated the achievements of Dalian in standardization work and hoped for further cooperation with ISO at a new level.