Xiao Shengfeng meets with Qatar ambassador to China

Recently, Qatar ambassador Sultan Mansouri came to Dalian to introduce “Made in China Qatar Show 2017” to be held in Doha in Nov. to relevant departments in Dalian and to confer on deepening cooperation between Dalian and Qatar. Mayor Xiao Shengfeng and Secretary General Luo Dongsheng met with Sultan Mansouri and his party in the VIP room of the municipal government.



Xiao Shengfeng expressed his welcome to Sultan Mansouri and his party and introduced the economic and social development of Dalian to the guests. Dalian is an important port in North China, a significant industrial, trading, finance and tourism city, and the city with most concentrated foreign trade and foreign capital which has utilized more than 100 billion dollars in the Northeast China, said Mayor Xiao. In recent years, the bilateral trade between Dalian and Qatar grows rapidly and there remains great potential for further cooperation in petrochemical industry between the two sides. Sultan Mansouri is welcomed to know more about Dalian and promote cooperation in more fields in future. Mr. Xiao said “Made in China Qatar Show 2017” is an important platform to show the advanced technology of enterprises in Dalian and the municipal government will actively encourage Dalian enterprises to attend the show to further expand the international market.



Sultan Mansouri said Dalian has various advantages in market investment, industry, resources and location, which has great significance for enhancing the cooperation between Qatar and China and Qatar is willing to cooperate with Dalian in more fields.