Xiao Shengfeng: put life and property security of the masses in the first place and ensure safe and orderly operation of the city

Mayor Xiao Shengfeng, commander of Dalian Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, came to the command hall of Dalian Traffic Police Detachment and Dalian Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters yesterday morning to inspect and guide the work of defending heavy rain. He urged the relevant districts and departments to put life and property security of the masses in the first place and strengthen leadership and measures. The key points should be grasped and highlighted to make scientific scheduling and take precise actions, ensuring the safe and orderly operation of the city.



From August 3 to 4, Dalian encountered an extraordinary rainstorm which has not been seen for decades. According to statistics of the relevant department, the average and the maximum rainfall of the downtown reached 134.7 and 204.7 millimeter respectively, leading to problems of safe operation. The preliminary statistics unveiled that 8 sections were troubled by severe waterlogging, 5 retaining walls collapsed, 4 sections of pavement were damaged, and 9 residential houses suffered from flooding. The temporary accommodation with steel structure of Xinlongjia supermarket at the crossing of Xinsheng Road and Huabei Road collapsed. The municipal and regional flood control and drought relief headquarters activated the contingency plan of extraordinary rainstorms for the first time based on the rain condition. All departments of Dalian, including urban construction, territory, transportation, civil defense and traffic police, and urban flood control headquarters of 5 districts immediately organized the teams to evacuate 87 residents, remove sludge, and strengthen traffic dispersion. The teams also dredged urban drain pipes and repaired damaged roads and retaining walls to ensure safe and orderly operation of the city.



At the command hall of Dalian Traffic Police Detachment, Xiao checked the drainage and traffic dispersion of some sections through monitoring system. He deployed work through intelligent command platform and condoled the traffic polices working on the front lines. Xiao urged the traffic police department to further deploy and control at the sections with waterlogging and congested regions and strengthen police force for dredging. The supervision of road surface, especially the dangerous sections, should be enhanced to direct the traffic and take temporary traffic control if necessary. The traffic information should be released through television, broadcasting station and Wechat to warn people about the sections with waterlogging and guide them to choose other routes. Xiao came to Xiaolong Street, Jiefang Road and other sections with waterlogging to investigate the condition and command drainage work. He shook hands with sanitationmen, drainage workers, traffic polices and citizens participating in the drainage work actively to express thanks for their effort.



Xiao addressed that the relevant departments and districts should complete the work of defending heavy rain. The police force should be strengthened to improve traffic dispersion and ensure transportation safety. According to the actual condition, the quantity of buses should be increased to provide convenience traffic for the citizens. The damaged roads should be repaired in a rush to recover traffic as soon as possible. The urban infrastructures of the drainage network and closed conduits and the key areas of low-lying sections and retaining walls should be checked and rectified if problems exist. The victims should be installed properly to minimize the loss.



Xiao came to Dalian Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters and investigated the rainfall condition and capacity of reservoirs of Yingna River and Biliu River. He urged to make scientific scheduling based on the rain condition to keep the water level under control.



All staff of the departments of urban construction participated in the drainage process with advanced equipment including mobile power pump trucks and high-power pumps. The waterlogging of roads has been drained and the traffic has been basically recovered by 9 am.