Xiao Shengfeng attended the special meeting of Standing Committee of Zhongshan District Party Committee and gave instructions

In accordance with the requirement of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and following the arrangement of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, Xiao Shengfeng, deputy secretary of Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Dalian City, attended the special meeting of democratic life for Standing Committee of Zhongshan District Party Committee and gave instructions on July 25. The meeting looked back on the feedback and implementation of the rectification conducted by central authority and eradicated the dreadful effect of Bo Xilai and Wang Min, so as to further purify political environment.



Zhongshan District is the learning and education base of Party building studies led by Xiao Shengfeng. At the meeting, Secretary of Zhongshan District Party Committee Zhao Min made a comparison inspection on behalf of District Standing Committee. Members of District Standing Committee made individual comparison inspections, confronted themselves with the problems in thoughts, work and life, eradicated firmly the dreadful effect of Bo Xilai and Wang Min, analyzed the root cause of corruption cases in Dalian, carried out criticism and self-criticism, and received warnings and criticism from others. The meeting has achieved the goal of “unity-criticism-unity”.



Xiao Shengfeng gave full affirmation, noting that the meeting was fully prepared and conducted with profound ideological understanding, criticism, serious self-criticism, vigorous rectification measures and highlight topics. Xiao hoped that the Standing Committee of Zhongshan District could take actions and conduct rectifications as soon as possible.



Xiao Shengfeng stressed that efforts should be made to deepen education, improve ideological understanding, implement the spirit of General-Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech on the new thoughts and strategy of country governance, resolutely uphold the authority of the Party Central Committee and the centralized leadership with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. We should take correct political stands, firmly observe the Party discipline, and unify the thoughts and actions into the deployment of Central Party Committee, Provincial and Municipal Party Committee. Efforts should also be made to promote the implementation of each task, purify political environment, and foster a favorable political ecology. Efforts should further be made to implement the system of democratic centralism and political life within the Party, boost the Party solidarity, and set good examples to conduct the work style of clean government. Efforts should also be made to implement the responsibility of strictly governing the Party, follow the leadership rules of the Party, and recruit qualified candidates with initiative actions. Besides, due efforts should be made instantly to check the problems raised at the meeting, put forward targeted rectification plans and resolve the livelihood problems so as to let the masses feel the substantial results of rectification of incorrect work style.