Xiao Shengfeng investigates the key infrastructure construction projects

Yesterday, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng, Secretary-general of the Municipal Government Luo Dongsheng, and other heads of related offices investigated key projects of urban infrastructure construction, visiting constructors and learning on site about the progress of the projects. Xiao stressed that urban infrastructure construction is the foundation of city development, the ensurance for the improvement of the quality of people’s livelihood and the inner need of stimulating effective investment and promoting economic development. Governments at all levels should open their mind, be innovative and make persistent efforts to ensure the accomplishment of constructions with high quality, efficiency and safety according to the work deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.



On the precast dry dock construction site of Dalian Bay undersea tunnel and the extension project of Guangming Road, Xiao Shengfeng asked about the construction progress, quality safety and problems to be coordinated and solved by the government. He said, as the first undersea tunnel construction project of our city, Dalian Bay undersea tunnel should be applicable, economic, green and beautiful. The government should manage the project plan well input new construction ideas to save energy, water, materials and land, and strengthen the management of construction quality and safety so as to make it an excellent project with high quality. Xiao required that related offices of the government should closely cooperate with construction teams to timely solve the problems during the construction.



According to the construction arrangement of subway Line 5, some stations including Hutan New Area Station, Shikui Road Station and ventilating shafts are under construction. Xiao Shengfeng came to the construction site of Suoyuwannan Station to investigate the construction progress and listened to the preliminary work report of Line 4 and Line 7. He urged the construction companies to optimize plans, reasonably arrange manpower and material resources. The construction companies should also promote all works as scheduled and try to reduce land occupancy so as to lower its influence on the surroundings while ensuring quality and safety. Xiao required innovating methods and modes of social financing and doing well the investment and financing work of Line 7.



On the construction site of Shugang Road widening and reforming project, Xiao  Shengfeng talked about perfecting the responsibility system on construction quality and safety, accelerating the construction and doing well the greening, beautifying and lighting works of surrounding roads so as to make Shugang Road a beautiful landscape of our city. Xiao also investigated the construction of Suoyuwan sewage treatment plant.



During the investigation, Xiao Shengfeng gave full affirmation to the major urban infrastructure constructions and pointed out that all departments of government took initiatives, dared to take responsibilities, closely cooperated in the work and timely solved tough problems, thus promoting major urban infrastructure constructions with high standard. Xiao asked that all departments and related companies should take full initiatives and implement all works with innovation in order to further enhance element ensurance and construction standard management, promote engineering and technological innovation, and strengthen supervision on construction quality and safety to ensure the smooth promotion of the major urban infrastructure constructions as scheduled.