A meeting between Xiao Shengfeng and guests from Miyagi, Japan

Yesterday at the VIP room in the city hall, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng met with Yoshihiro Murai, the governor of Miyagi, Japan, also head of the Miyagi delegation, with the standing committee of municipal committee, Deputy Mayor Lu Ling, municipal government Secretary-General Han Dong attending the meeting.

Xiao gave a warm welcome to the Miyagi delegation and briefed them on the economic and social development of our city and the trade with Japan. He said that Dalian and Miyagi have established good cooperation in economic and trade, tourism, education, culture, science and technology and other fields, and the office of Miyagi has been found in Dalian, with 15 Miyagi-based enterprises including IRIS OHYAMA having invested and built factories here today. Also, Xiao said that at present, Dalian has entered a new stage of all-round opening where Jinpu New District is under development and construction with the running of the FTA, which has created more favorable conditions for Dalian's further integration into Northeast Asia Regional Cooperative development. Hopefully, economic and trade cooperation between the two sides could be strengthened in scale and scope through the visit with active people-to-people communication to promote our pragmatic cooperation to a new level on the occasion of 45 anniversaries of the normalization of Sino-Japan diplomatic relations.

“Dalian is a vibrant and dynamic city.” said Yoshihiro Murait, “We will further promote exchanges and cooperation in more fields to achieve mutual benefit.” (Correspondent Liu Xiaohua)