Xiao Shengfeng attends the work conference on urban affairs

The work conference on urban affairs was held in the Municipal Party Committee on July 6 to thoroughly learn the spirit of the Central and provincial working conferences and make arrangement for urban work in Dalian. Yuan Keli, member of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, presided over the meeting, and Party Secretary and Mayor Xiao Shengfeng delivered a speech. President Xi at the Central Work Conference on Urban Affairs puts forward the requirement of “one respect and coordination in five aspects”, demonstrates the great significance of urban work, and clarifies the general concept and key tasks of city work, thus laying a practical and well targeted foundation for urban work, said Xiao Shengfeng in his speech. All districts and departments in Dalian should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the important speech by General Secretary Xi, bear in mind the concept of people orientation, and keep thoughts and actions in line with the Central and provincial arrangement.



Xiao Shengfeng stressed on six points in making scientific planning to achieve progress in urban work. The first is to stick to an intensive pattern, take the “two pilot zones” as a foothold, and implement the innovation-driven development strategy and talent strategy so as to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of urban development. The second is to focus on both planning and construction management by highlighting the role of planning and the construction of urban infrastructure, deepening the reform in urban management, and enhancing the level of urban construction. The third is to speed up the process of urbanization, actively conduct new urbanization pilot work, and form a new development pattern with people's urbanization as the core, the coordination among space, population, resource, environment and industry as the focus, and the combination of industry and city as the feature. The fourth is to enhance the cultural soft power of Dalian, carry forward its excellent history and culture, and make it a modern, charming and characteristic city. The fifth is to strengthen the construction and protection of ecological environment with ecological bottom line in mind and to strengthen rectification on city environment so as to improve the quality of the ecological environment and provide a clean and comfortable environment for people. The sixth is to enhance the awareness of safe development, innovate on methods for urban governance, strengthen governance on food and drug, and improve the capability of disaster prevention and mitigation. Tan Zuojun required Party committees and governments at all levels to firstly strengthen leadership of urban work and form a working pattern with unified leadership and joint management; secondly to establish and improve sound responsibility system and strengthen supervision and inspection; thirdly to cultivate excellent cadres to make planning and  manage city with scientific attitude, advanced concepts and professional knowledge; fourthly to strengthen the guidance of public opinions and vigorously publicize regulations on urban management.



Xiao Shengfeng summed up the achievements and problems in construction and development of Dalian and stressed on the following points as well. The first is to thoroughly understand the intention of strategy of “creating a new situation in urban construction” and give top priority to urban management work. The second is to keep in mind the strategy of people orientation and regard the solution to people’s difficulties as a key task in work to provide convenient and comfortable life for people. The third is to adhere to the principle of observing the law of urban development and make Dalian a characteristic city. The fourth is to stick to the strategy of coordination among five aspects and regard it as a scientific guide for urban construction so as to realize reform in urban development concept and mode. The fifth is to stick to the goal of making the city better and speed up the construction of harmonious, livable, characteristic and modern city.



Xiao Shengfeng required governments at all levels to firmly implement the important requirements of General Secretary Xi and make every effort to create a new situation for modern construction. The planning should be scientific, perspective, systematic, intensive, precise and authoritative. The sustainability of urban development should be enhanced by highlighting culture, brand, carrier and quality. The construction of livable project, green building, and the integration of telecommunication network, computer communication network and television network should be enhanced to improve the functionality of urban development. The coordination between urban and rural development should be improved through multiple support, the driving of main urban area, urban-rural integration, and citizenization of migrant workers. The informationization, digitalization, legalization and normalization in management should be sped up to enhance urban management. The bottom line of ecology, safety and people’s livelihood should be preserved. The organization and leadership mechanism, multiple co-governance mechanism and investment and financing mechanism should be improved with institutional mechanism as a standard to enhance the motivation in urban development.


Present at the meeting were Liu Aijun, deputy director of the municipal NPC, Hao Fanglin, vice chairman of the municipal CPPCC, and responsible persons from the Municipal Party Committee, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, the municipal government, the municipal CPPCC, pilot zones, units directly under Dalian, etc. Main leaders of the Municipal Planning Department, Municipal Construction Committee, Ganjingzi District Government and Zhuanghe City Government made statements respectively.