Xiao Shengfeng attended the mobilization meeting of “A hundred MPC deputies and CPPCC members to inspect production safety ”

About a hundred deputies to the MPC and CPPCC members investigated safety production yesterday under the proposal of main leaders of the municipal government, which was an important measure for implementing the spirit of instruction by General Secretary Xi and promoting the stabilization of safety production. Mayor Xiao Shengfeng attended the mobilization meeting for the special action and expressed his earnest expectation for deputies to the Municipal People's Congress and CPPCC members. Secretary General Luo Dongsheng presided over the meeting and Liu Xiaobin, secretary general of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, and An Qi, Secretary-General of the CPPCC attended the meeting on invitation.

Xiao Shengfeng in his speech expressed his gratitude to deputies to the Municipal People's Congress and CPPCC members for their support and importance for government work. The launch of the “A hundred deputies to the MPC and CPPCC members investigate safety production” is necessary for the safety production in Dalian, meet the masses’ expectation for safety production, promote the implementation of the Central Government’s relevant documents in Dalian, and assist deputies to the CPPCC and CPPCC members in the performance of duty.

The special action consists of 20 groups which are composed of deputies to the MPC, CPPCC members, law enforcement officers for safety production, media reporters, etc. The inspection involves in 14 areas and key enterprises. Xiao Shengfeng pointed out that focuses should be put on the implementation of relevant documents, the importance relevant responsible leaders and units have attached to, the implementation of such responsibilities as the main responsibility of safety production enterprises, responsible departments’ regulatory responsibility and so on in key fields such as production and transportation of hazardous chemicals, road traffic, construction sites, personnel-intensive places, fire hazards, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.

Xiao Shengfeng required the deputies to the MPC and CPPCC members to further grasp the requirement of the Central Government, the State Council, and Party committees and governments at all levels, learn about Safety Production Law, and be familiar with production and operation process. All the groups should adhere to the strict working style, further enhance people and enterprise leasers’ sense of safety, and implement relevant safety measures so as to promote new progress in Dalian’s safety production work.