Xiao Shengfeng delivers a speech at municipal government teleconference on streamlining administration and delegating authorities

Yesterday, municipal government held a teleconference on streamlining administration and delegating authorities and optimizing service and reform after watching the teleconference held by the State Council. Mayor Xiao Shengfeng delivered a speech at the conference presided over by Executive Deputy Mayor Yuan Keli. Present at the conference were Deputy Mayor Wen Xueqiong and Hao Ming and Secretary General of Municipal Government Luo Dongsheng.

Xiao noted in his speech that in recent years, municipal Party Committee and government has insisted on taking “streamlining administration and delegating power, combining delegation and, administration and optimizing service” (hereinafter referred to as delegating, combining and optimizing) as both the vital measure to transform government functions and the permanent cure for removing institutional hurdles, given delegating the top priority to release market vigor, and enhanced the supervision in process and afterwards, focused on “optimization” by improving government service efficiency, deepened the reform of government organization, and pushed forward the innovation in mechanism and system, so as to inject powerful vigor into the new-round rejuvenation of Dalian.

Xiao pointed out that we must be fully aware that gap still exists between the current results of “delegating, combining and optimizing” and the expectation of the masses. Thus, governments at all levels should earnestly implement the spirit of the State Council teleconference, strive for long-term benefits for the masses at the expense of short-term tough reform and enhance the masses’ sense of achievements by practical results.

Xiao Shengfeng stressed that relevant departments at all levels should intensify efforts in streamlining administration and delegating authorities, cancel or delegate administrative examination and approval items, adopt the reform of “multiple rules into one” , promote “regional evaluation”, deepen the reform concerning examination and approval system of investment and commercial system, lower the institutional transaction cost for enterprises, push forward the reform of supervision system to ensure the social fairness and justice, further optimize government service by promoting “Internet plus Government Affairs”, so as to improve the administrative efficiency of government in a practical way.

Xiao Shengfeng required all departments and regions to enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, strengthen leadership and overall plan, focus on evaluation and supervision and take initiative measures to ensure the practical implementation of “delegating, combining and optimizing”.