Xiao Sheng: to scientifically identify work objectives for the next year based on the “nine persistence”

Yesterday, the municipal government held a Party (expansion) meeting to analyze the current economic situation and identify work objectives for the next year. The Party Secretary and Mayor Xiao Shengfeng presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed effort should be made to study and evaluate the current economic situation scientifically and maintain the determination of promoting the revitalization. In combination with the 13th Five-Year Plan, the key tasks should be identified and promoted through effective measures so as to lay a solid foundation for economic and social development during the 13th Five-Year Plan.



At the meeting, members of the leading group of the municipal government Yuan Keli, Lu Lin, Liu Yan, Wen Xueqiong, Hao Ming, Hong Dengjin and Luo Dongsheng in combination with their own responsible fields introduced their work ideas, goals, tasks and measures in 2017. Xiao Shengfeng fully affirmed their reports with 30 characters: clear analysis of situation, extensive advice and suggestions, adequate study and reasoning, scientific goals and highlighted key tasks.



When it comes to the work for the next year, Xiao Shengfeng made the following requirements: the first was to establish and implement the five development concepts in accordance with the requirements of strategic layout, take the initiative to lead the new normal for economic development, and focus on innovating on system, optimizing the economic structure, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, improving people's livelihood, maintaining a reasonable range for economic operation and accelerating the construction of the two pilot zones in Dalian; the second was to take the stable growth of economy as the top priority of current economic work and give full play to the fundamental, key and supporting roles of consumption, investment and export respectively to consolidate the foundation of economic operation; the third was to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, develop strategic emerging industries, vigorously develop the modern service industry, actively resolve the excess capacity, improve product supply, reduce cost and increase efficiency by adhering to the main line of supply side reform; the fourth was to speed up the construction of free trade zone and mechanism innovation platform; the fifth was to regard innovation driven as the leading strategy to accelerate the construction of independent innovation demonstration zone, improve the regional innovation system and mechanism and continue to promote public entrepreneurship.



Besides, Xiao Shengfeng stressed the following points: the first was to take the deepening of reform as the fundamental driving force for development and comprehensively optimize the investment environment; the second was to improve the city's comprehensive competitiveness by enhancing the function and management level of a city. The work on urban infrastructure construction, urban and rural environmental governance, urban public safety system construction would be strengthened to create a comfortable, healthy and beautiful environment; the third was to stick to green throughout the economic and social development by promoting the construction of national ecological civilization demonstration zone, strengthening greening in urban and rural areas, increasing pollution control efforts, optimizing the energy structure, implementing ecological restoration in waste mines, rivers, waters and islands and strengthening environmental monitoring; the fourth was to put top priority on people's livelihood and well-being by promoting the construction of key livelihood projects, effectively stabilizing and promoting employment, increasing residents’ income and improving social security system; the fifth was to promote the development of social undertakings so as to promote the construction of healthy Dalian, improve the level of medical and health services and accelerate the development of cultural industries and undertakings.