Xiao Shengfeng: Plan scientifically to finalize next year’s development goals and facilitate the construction of Dalian “Two Advanced Areas”


Yesterday, Mayor Xiao Shengfeng presided over an economic analysis meeting, discussed the economic trend together with responsible staff of the governments of district, cities and towns as well as the staff of the advanced areas. He stressed that in different areas efforts should be made to conform to the requirements of facilitating fully the general layout of “Five in One” and promoting and coordinating the strategic layout of “Four Comprehensiveness”, build and practice firmly the five development concepts, comply with the work deployments of the 12th Party Representative Congress, adapt positively to and take the lead in the new normal economic development, adhere to the overall work tune of seeking growth from stability, regard the supply-based structure reform as the main line, spare no efforts to innovate systems and mechanisms, optimize economic structure and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, make sure that the economy performs within the reasonable scope and facilitate the construction of the “Two Advanced Areas” in Dalian.


After listening to the economic operation conditions of the districts, cities, towns and the advanced areas as well as the work plans of nest year, Xiao pointed out that this year has witnessed the stable and remarkable growth in the whole city and the overall economic stability; the industrial structure is optimized continuously and there’s a good development momentum in the tertiary industry; the emerging strategic industry is springing up everywhere and new growth points are to cultivate increasingly rapidly and come out continuously; the capability of social innovation is strengthened gradually and the new growth dynamism is formed rapidly and absorbs enough energy; the construction of key projects is promoted in an orderly way and the backward development vitality is further enhanced; the whole city has witnessed a good momentum of stable and robust economic development, further improved people’s livelihood and a harmonious and stable society, which lays a solid foundation for the economic and social development during the 13th Five-Year Plan period.


Xiao stressed that efforts should be made for the governments of different levels to have a clear understanding of the current situation, analyze it scientifically and study deeply the economic development conditions, keep up development focus and have a firm confidence in economic development. Due efforts should also be made to focus on the long-term development and practical conditions, bring advantages into full play and make full use of opportunities, lay emphasis on making a breakthrough in the weak aspects, stick to the integration of the object-orientation and the problem-orientation, the coordination between the regional development and the overall condition in the whole city, the harmonization of overall scheming and prominent emphasis, as well as the combination of the strategy and the operation, focus on the national goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, master the basis of the economic development and the phrased rule in our city, combine with development plans during the 13th Five-Year Plan, plan scientifically and finalize concisely next year’s development goals and tasks.


Xiao stressed that due effort should be made for different regions to highlight work focuses, promote continuous and healthy economic development, adhere to putting the stable growth as the top priority in the current economic development tasks, lay a solid foundation for operating the entity economy, bring the leading role of consumption into full play and increase the effective social investment. Efforts should also be made to deepen the supply-oriented structure reform, facilitate the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, dissolve positively excess production capacity, strengthen the strategic emerging industries, actively build a new open economic mechanism, fully promote the construction of the free trade zone, and facilitate the development and openness of the Jinpu New District and the construction of other openness platform. Due efforts should be made to implement deeply the innovation-driven strategy, facilitate the construction of the self-dependent innovation demonstration zone, focus on optimizing the new system and mechanism for regional innovation, promote further the mass entrepreneurship and innovation, fully deepen the reform, further promote streamlining administration and delegating power to the lower level, integrate the delegating and administering, optimize services, deepen the reform on the state-owned capital of the state-owned enterprises, promote the reform on public institutions, spare no efforts to safeguard and improve people’s livelihood, intensify the construction of the ecological civilization and adhere to green development in the whole process of developing economy and society.


Present at the Congress were member of the Municipal Standing Committee and Executive Vice Mayor Yuan Keli, Member of the Municipal Standing Committee and Vice Mayor Lu Lin, Head of the Administrative Committee of Jinpu New District Zhang Shikun, Vice Mayors Liu Yan, Hao Ming and Hong Dengjin, Head of the Administrative Committee of Changxingdao Economic Zone and General Secretary of the Municipal Government Luo Dongsheng.