Xiao Shengfeng: go all out to fulfill the annual tasks


The municipal government held the thirteenth session of the fifteenth (enlarged) meeting.


Yesterday, the municipal government held the thirteenth session of the fifteenth (enlarged) meeting, reporting economic performance in the first three quarters, analyzing the current economic situation, and making deployment for the next stage. Mayor Xiao Shengfeng presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Xiao required that the government and other departments at all levels should earnestly finish work in the fourth quarter with a high sense of responsibility, truth-seeking spirit, and scientific and effective measures to ensure the successful completion of work this year. He asked leaders at all levels to further change their work style, work in a pragmatic manner and hand in a satisfying answer with good work performance.



Present at the meeting were the director of the Administrative Committee of Jinpu New District Zhang Shikun and vice mayors of Dalian Lu Lin, Wen Xueqiong, Hao Ming and Hong Dengjin. Yuan Keli, executive vice mayor, analyzed the economic performance of the third quarter at the meeting.



Statistics show that the economic performance in the first three quarters presents steady and high-quality progress. The main indicators keep increasing and the overall economic development keeps stable; the three industries develop in coordination with economic structure optimized constantly; innovation-driven measures are further implemented to collect new forces for new growth points; the work for ecological protection goes smoothly and the environmental quality continues to be improved; reform and opening up develops in depth and the resource allocation becomes more efficient; the quality of people's life has been further improved. The GDP has been continuing to increase for 6 successive  quarters and the increase in disposable income of urban and rural residents exceeds that of the GDP. In this regard, Xiao Shengfeng pointed out that problems in development must be kept in mind while the achievements were affirmed. In the fourth quarter, great efforts would be made to implement all work for the growth of indicators.



Xiao Shengfeng made the following requirements for governments at all levels. The first was to stabilize economic growth, pay close attention to economic regulation, and further carry out special actions on improving product supply, decreasing costs, increasing efficiency and upgrading manufacturing industry. The second was to promote the efficient development of service industry and pay close attention to consumption growth, project construction, export and private economy. The third was to promote supply-side structural reform, speed up the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, maintain stable and healthy development of the real estate market, promote the decentralization, optimize service reform and deepen the reform of state-owned assets. The third was to actively build a new open economy system and promote the construction of free trade zone, Jinpu New Area and open platforms. The fourth was to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, speed up the construction of national independent innovation demonstration zone, improve the regional innovation system and mechanism, and promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation.



Xiao Shengfeng stressed that they should continue to strengthen urban construction and management, implement comprehensive environmental remediation, speed up urban and rural infrastructure construction, vigorously promote air pollution control, and unswervingly ensure safe production. He said they should improve the livelihood, effectively stabilize and expand employment, increase the income of the residents, further improve the social security system, ensure seasonal work like heating supply and snow cleaning and improve the verification and supervision management system of statistical work in normativity and seriousness.



Xiao Shengfeng urged governments at all levels to make plans for the next year work, identify work goals, and ensure the smooth going of drafting the annual work report. Besides, he stressed that relevant departments should earnestly collect key livelihood projects and determine projects with the principle of capability-orientation timely assistance and one-year completion.