Dalian Administration Bureau of Radio Broadcasting, Film and Television

Main Functions:

1 To implement the policies and principles of its propaganda via creation of broadcasts and TV, as formulated by the Communist Party and the State; to guide the right direction of public opinion according to the Municipal Party committee and the government; to administer the propaganda via creation of broadcast and TV; to lead the reform of management systems in the fields of broadcasting and TV of the entire city.

2. To create local regulations and rules, and to establish management systems for the broadcasting and TV of the city; to create development plans in these fields; to supervise the broadcasting and TV programs,  to receive programs via the Internet and to broadcast and record audio and video via satellite while spreading to the public.

3. To audit and submit to higher authority requesting approval of the establishment and abolishment of the broadcast and TV institutions at all levels of the city; to supervise the broadcast and TV programs as well as the producers; to organize censorship of the films, TV plays and other programs.

4. To supervise scientific and technological work in broadcast and TV fields; to organize the implementation of the state technological policies and standards; to organize the research and to develop broadcast and TV systems by applying new high-technology.

5. To manage the broadcast and TV launch pad, medium wave re-diffusion station, microwave station and the special Internet cable casting and CATV; to organize and manage the program transmission and overcast to ensure the normal launch, rebroadcast and transmission of the programs sent from the central, provincial and municipal authorities; to ensure the broadcasting and TV facilities and transmission network run with high quality and security; to assist the police in dealing with any damage to the broadcasting and TV facilities.

6. To complete other work assigned by the municipal Party committee and the government.