Bureau of Urban Planning of Dalian Municipality


1.Implementing state urban planning, laws and regulations of surveying and mapping; researching and drafting local urban planning, regulations and measures of surveying and mapping of the city; implementing the regulations and measures with the approval from upper level authorities.

2. Formulating, revising and enforcing the urban and township planning, general urban planning, district planning and various project plannings; participating in formulating the city's economic and social development plan; instructing and approving overall planning of the county, township and village level.

3. Overseeing general urban planning in the county (city) level regions and ratifying overall urban planning for the towns where a county level (under city jurisdiction) government resides.

4. According to the urban planning timeline, issuing a letter of opinion for selection of construction sites within the urban planning zone, examining and issuing planning licenses for construction land use; issuing Planning Permits to new buildings, expanded and renovated buildings, structures, roads, pipelines and other engineering works; ratifying temporary construction projects in the urban planning zone and collecting administration fees; ratifying front door names, and decorative plaques and facades.

5. Checking and issuing a Letter of Opinion for Location Selection of Construction Projects to constructions projects established and approved by government authorities higher than the municipal level (including projects moving from urban planning zone to districts, district level cities and counties); administering village and township planning construction expenditures listed in the municipal government budget; instructing the districts, district level cities and counties concerning industry administration department work.

6. Ratifying organizations for protecting and storing confidential surveying and mapping achievements as well as their relevant users; being responsible for quality inspection and acceptance of surveying and mapping results; management of fundamental surveying and mapping results, also supervising the city's surveying and mapping market, industry and mapping market volume and marks.

7. Completing assigned tasks by the Municipal Government.