Symposium for representatives from literary and art circles held

Yesterday, a symposium for representatives from Dalian literary and art circles was held at Dalian Bangchui Island Hotel. Tang Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Liaoning Committee and secretary of the Dalian Party Committee; municipal leaders Li Jingrui, Zhang Shikun, Yuan Keli, Tian Shujun, Zhu Chengqing and Shi Zhongyan; and 24 representatives from Dalian literary and art circles gathered together for the Chinese New Year and for the planning of Dalian’s cultural prosperity and development. Tang hopes that all the literary and art workers will seriously study and carry out the spirit of the 6th Plenary Meeting of the 17th CPC National Congress, keep pace with the times, meet people’s expectations, strive for more best works and promote Dalian’s great cultural prosperity and development, making greater contributions to the implementation of the strategy to develop the city by relying on quality. Li Jingrui, deputy Party secretary of the CPC Dalian Committee, chaired the symposium.
The 24 attendees are representatives of Dalian’s senior and young artists as well as winners of previous “Golden Apple Awards”. Shao Moxia, Gao Mantang and Chu XiaoJie made speeches at the symposium, talking about their experience and practice in their own fields and offering their advice & suggestions on prospering Dalian’s literature and art and promoting Dalian’s cultural industrial development. 
On behalf of the CPC Dalian Committee and the Dalian Municipal Government, Tang Jun expressed his thanks to Dalian’s literary and art workers and his regards to them for the Chinese New Year. Tang briefed the attendees on the achievements of Dalian in its economic & social development, cultural development and literature & art creativity. He said that in the year past, Dalian had a literary & art work harvest of great creativity, with a great number of influential and quality works in the fields of literature, drama, fine arts, calligraphy and folk art. The series of cultural events for the “Creation of a Cultural Dalian” are influential and with high quality, becoming important brands. All these achievements should be attributed to the hard work and devotion of all the literary and art workers in Dalian. 
Tang pointed out that the 6th Plenary Meeting of the 17th CPC National Congress called on us to build a socialist cultural power, which has brought Dalian’s cultural development into a rare historic period of opportunity. Art is the torch of a nation’s spirit, a vivid reflection of a city’s spirit and an important part of urban culture. What is most important for us in implementing the strategy to develop the city by relying on quality is that we bring new cultural connotation into the city and improve the civilization of the city. This is a new subject for the literary and art workers and a larger stage for cultural prosperity and development. He expects that the literary and art workers at large will seriously study and carry out the spirit of the 6th Plenary Meeting of the 17th CPC National Congress, make clear the important status and role of the cultural programs in building Dalian into a rich, beautiful and civilized city, and undertake the tasks of leading the city in its development of a quality and strong cultural city, creating more best artistic works worthy of our history, of our times, of the people and of our city.    
Tang stressed that all the literary and art workers must adhere to the orientation of the “two ‘for’”, the policy of the “two ‘100’” and the principle of “three ‘close to’”, adhere to correct political orientation, take the spreading & promotion of the socialist core value system as their own duty, carry forward the city spirit and civilized practices, display Dalian’s history, and sing the praises of city builders’ diligence and wisdom, making a firm moral basis for Dalian people for the united struggle with a high degree of cultural consciousness and cultural confidence; adhere to people-centered creativity, take an accurate pulse of the times and changes of people’s spiritual cultural demand, care about people’s sufferings & difficulties, and learn about people’s needs & desires, creating outstanding artistic works with unification of thought, artistry and appreciation and favored by the people. Party committees and governments at all levels should fully understand the important status and role of literature and art in the new situation, strengthen their leadership in the work of literature and art, enhance artistic team building and create good conditions and better services for artistic development; increase input and support, do better work in their mechanisms, systems, talents and policy, and create a better environment for artistic development, promoting the prosperous and vigorous cultural development of Dalian.
From: Dalian Daily