University Leaders Symposium held

Yesterday, the Spring Festival Symposium for University Leaders in Dalian was held at the Dalian International Finance Conference Centre. Tang Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Liaoning Committee and secretary of the Dalian Party Committee; Li Jingrui, deputy secretary of the Dalian Party Committee; municipal leaders Zhang Shikun, Tian Shujun, Zhu Chengqing and Dong Changhai, and leaders from nearly 30 universities in Dalian gathered together for the Spring Festival and for the planning of Dalian’s strategic development. Tang expects that all the universities will give full play to their own advantages and have in-depth integration with Dalian’s economic and social development, making greater contributions to Dalian’s sound and rapid development. Li Jingrui chaired the symposium.  
On behalf of the CPC Dalian Committee and the Dalian Municipal Government, Tang expressed his sincere thanks to all the universities and faculty for their important contributions to Dalian’s economic and social development. Tang said that last year the entire city united and worked hard to overcome unprecedented difficulties and challenges, gaining outstanding achievements in various work as well as a good situation with rapid economic growth, continued improvement of people’s livelihood, and a harmonious and stable society. At the same time, Dalian won the third straight “National Civilized City” award and was honored as the first of the Top 10 National Low-carbon Cities. This success should be attributed to the correct leadership of previous CPC Dalian Committees and Municipal Governments, the hard work of the entire people of Dalian, and the important contributions of universities in Dalian. For years, by playing out the roles of their intelligence and talent advantages, universities in Dalian have actively participated in Dalian’s economic development, harmonious social development, cultural development and spiritual civilization development, making important contributions to Dalian’s sound and rapid development and playing an irreplaceable role. In 2012, facing a new situation and new targets, we must set up a sense of crisis and sense of risk, struggle against new difficulties and challenges, with a keynote “to be stable-yet-progressive and make haste slowly”; build firm confidence, be united and work hard, striving for greater breakthroughs in stabilizing growth, adjusting the structure benefiting people and promoting harmony; taking the lead and playing a driving role in the whole province. We must pay closer attention to two areas: 1. Improving the quality of economic development, upholding transition and development, speeding up the transformation of economic development mode, developing the city by relying on science, education and talent; and enhancing science and technology; 2. Improving citizens’ sense of identity, sense of belonging and sense of pride in the city, enabling people to feel proud of living in Dalian. We must further improve and guarantee people’s livelihood, improve public services, address the direct and actual problems and interests people care most about, and issues we encounter in city development such as the improvement of urban environment and ecology, and city traffic, building an eco-livable city. To reach these objectives requires the concerted efforts of the entire people and the great support of universities.
Tang pointed out that the university is a great backup for fostering talent and improving a city’s core competitiveness. It is Dalian’s advantage that there are more universities and enough talent, which is an important embodiment of Dalian’s soft power and core competitiveness. In the process of the transformation of economic development mode, we must fully rely on the support and guarantee of advanced higher education, giving further play to the role of universities’ important supporting position. Tang hopes that all the universities in Dalian will more actively adapt to the demands of economic and social development, based on their own features and advantages, become more closely and deeply involved with Dalian’s economic and social development, and enhance their ability to serve city development, providing a powerful driving force for building Dalian into a rich, beautiful and civilized modern international city. The CPC Dalian Committee and the Municipal Government will, as usual, greatly support the development of universities in Dalian, and support their talent invitation and city-campus cooperation, promoting better and faster development of Dalian’s higher education.
President Ou Jinping of Dalian Polytechnic University and more than 40 leaders from other universities such as Dalian Maritime University, Dalian Nationalities University, Dongbei University of Finance & Economics, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian Medical University, Dalian Jiaotong University, Dalian Polytechnic University, Dalian Ocean University and Dalian University of Foreign Languages participated in the symposium.
From: Dalian Daily