Protect coastline resources for beautiful Dalian

On Jan. 30-31, Tang Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Liaoning Committee and secretary of the Dalian Party Committee, made a special field research on the protection, exploitation and utilization of Dalian’s coastline resources, and heard the report on coastline planning and use. He stressed that the rich coastline resources are the biggest advantages of Dalian, and are the most precious and most rare of resources in Dalian, therefore it is essential and most important to protect them for the building of a beautiful Dalian. We must do strategic planning, rational exploitation and good protection of coastline resources and environment, laying a good foundation for future generations to have sustainable development. Zhang Shikun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Dalian Committee and secretary-general of the Dalian Party Committee; Vice Mayor Zhang Jun and relevant persons-in-charge took part in the research.     
According to the latest census data, the total length of two coastlines of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea is approximately 2,211 km; about 1,371 km of them are mainland coast and 840 km, island coastline. Dalian is a city with the longest coastline nationwide; in addition, there are 29,000 km² of sea area under the jurisdiction of Dalian, with abundant marine resources. Tang Jun first heard the work reports from the Dalian Urban Planning Bureau, the Dalian City Oceanic and Fishery Administration and the Dalian Environmental Protection Bureau about utilization and protection of coastlines, and then conducted field visits to study the planning & construction of the Coastal Landscape Belt in Dalian East Harbor Zone, the renovation of Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park, the Baiyun Yanshui Scenery Spot of the Coastal Road and the South Coastal Road along Xinghai Bay, asking about the planning, exploitation and protection of coastline resources, and emphasizing that we must set up a people-oriented concept, keep sea beaches and original eco-seashores intact, and strengthen their public resource attributes to the maximum, creating more space for the public to be close to the sea. Tang and his group also visited Jinbo Coastal Area for the new Dalian Airport and CBD beside the coast, the Dalian Shimao Carnival Project, the Coastal Road and the Coastal Landscape Belt of Puwan New Area. He stressed that we must, on the basis of good protection, strategically plan and rationally develop coastline resources, coordinate the relationship between development and protection, and between development and environment, enabling the advantageous resources to play their role effectively and the rare resources to be sustainably used.        
Tang affirmed the achievements in Dalian’s coastline protection, planning and supervision. He pointed out that, as a peninsula city, the beautiful sea and coastline are the soul and natural advantage of Dalian; to strategically protect and rationally use them matters greatly to the long-term development of Dalian. Therefore, the entire city should unify thought and improve awareness, trying our best to protect and make good use of Dalian’s coastline resources; work harder in afforestation, repairing and restoring damaged eco-coastline; be frugal and economical in using coastline resources, paying attention to the intensive use of resources and offshore waters. Offshore development should reflect its public resource attribute, returning it to the public by offering more spaces with more leisure, exercise and entertainment facilities in order to enable the people to be close to the sea. No high structures or residential buildings are allowed along the coastline. We must initiate strict supervision and protection of coastline resources, formulate related local regulations & rules to protect coastline resources according to law; and strengthen policy propaganda on the protection of coastline resources.      
From: Dalian Daily