48th Executive Meeting of 14th Municipal Government held
It has been a tradition of the municipal government in the last few years to call a meeting at the beginning of the spring for issues of agriculture, farmers and rural areas (hereafter the “Three Rural Issues”). Yesterday, the first working day after the Spring Festival, Mayor Li Wancai called the 48th Executive Meeting of the 14th Municipal Government to deploy the work of the “Three Rural Issues” and water affairs modernization in rural areas. Li said that, in 2011, Dalian’s agricultural and rural work took on a strong momentum with sustainable development, overall development and rapid development. Both agricultural production and farmers’ incomes stepped up to new stages; water conservancy construction developed into a new period; modern agriculture and new countryside building made new progress. The good context of the “Three Rural Issues” work provided a strong support for Dalian’s economic and social development, created a good atmosphere and made outstanding contributions to the guarantee & improvement of people’s livelihood and maintaining social harmony and stability. All-level governments and departments must, in 2012, give top priority to the “Three Rural Issues” work, paying true attention to it, strengthening true leadership for it and carrying out true practice in it.     
The meeting conveyed the spirit of the Central Rural Work Conference and heard the preparatory work for the Dalian Rural Work Conference; examined and passed the documents “Opinions for Strengthening Support of Rural Technology and Promoting Modern Urban Agriculture”, the “Plan for Dalian Modern Urban Agricultural Development”, the “Plan for Dalian’s Building of Water Modernization” and “Implementation Opinions for Speeding up Water Affairs Reform and Promoting the Building of Water Modernization”.  
The meeting pointed out that to develop modern urban agriculture in Dalian is a historical inevitability, a strategic choice and a demand of the time. All-level governments and departments must, at the behest of strategic deployment and overall planning of macro-urbanization, with the scientific and efficient development of 4 agricultural functions of “production, life, ecology and culture” as a target, optimize space layout and production structure, strategically arrange “eight agricultures”, promote major projects, and take the road of modern urban agricultural development, realizing a rural economic strategic development new leap forward.  
The meeting stressed that to speed up the water affairs reform and water affairs modernization matters much to Dalian’s overall economic and social development, which is an inevitable requirement for the strategy of “opening up and leading, creating transformational development, giving priority to people’s livelihood and building the city by relying on quality”. All the governments and relevant departments must set up a sense of urgency in water affairs modernization, with the requirements of macro-urbanization, take the concept of “giving priority to people’s livelihood, developing harmony between humans and water” as a main line; clarify responsibilities, deepen the reform, strengthen the leadership, initiate water affairs modernization, and tackle major issues of water affairs related to people’s safety and health as well as to Dalian’s sustainable development.   
The meeting deployed the current tasks. Li stressed that January is coming to an end and the development momentum of Dalian’s economic situation remains good; but the downward pressure from the overall economy this year is still great, with many complex factors. All the localities and departments must enhance their sense of development and sense of opportunity, give more severe analysis on the situation, see through more difficulties and become better prepared for them with more effective measures; with a general tune of “ensuring steady development and making haste slowly”, set up a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission, build confidence and uplift spirits to put energy into the work, put talent into development and put ability into effectiveness, doing good work for annual targets, ensuring a good start for the year and paving a solid way for the fulfillment of annual tasks.  
Xiao Shengfeng, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Dalian Committee and executive vice mayor; municipal leaders Sun Guangtian, Qu Xiaofei, Zhang Jun, Zhu Chengqing and Wang Like; and Assistant Mayor Liu Yan attended the meeting.

From: Dalian Daily