Party and Government Leaders Meeting held

On Jan. 29, the Meeting for Party and Government Leaders from the Boroughs and Economic Pilot Zones was held to convey the spirit of the Provincial Symposiums for County Party Secretaries & County Mayors, and for District Party Secretaries & District Governors, and to deploy the work of gaining a good start for the first quarter of the year. Tang Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Liaoning Committee and secretary of the Dalian Party Committee, and Li Wancai, deputy secretary of the Dalian Party Committee and mayor of Dalian, took part in the meeting and made important speeches. The meeting stressed that, facing a new context and tasks, all the boroughs and economic pilot zones must make clear their objectives, do pragmatic work and struggle hard in uplifting spirits, with a down-to-earth work style and more effective measures, ensuring a good start for the entire economic development and laying a solid foundation for the goal of “double halves are done when half past,” and for the annual targets. 
Tang Jun said in his speech that “A year's plan stars with spring”, therefore, we must make a good start at the beginning of the year for Dalian’s economic development. This means much not only regarding annual targets but regarding Dalian’s advantages in the new round of competition. All the boroughs and economic pilot zones must build firm confidence, give themselves a greater push, enhance their sense of crisis and sense of urgency, clarify their own targets and tasks, uplift their spirits and keep stepping-up; refine objectives and measures, finding their own backups for development; adhere closely to the targets, decompose indexes and implement responsibilities. First, going all out to speed up major projects: With the "chief leader" responsibility system, we must conduct research on projects, negotiate projects and develop projects; try harder to promote projects, enhance the support of project funds, guarantee land for projects and improve land investment intensity and output efficiency. Second, trying everything possible for the sound and rapid development of enterprises’ production and operation: We must give positive support to the sustainable development of large enterprises, help those industrial clusters above 100 billion yuan such as petrochemical, equipment manufacturing and software service outsourcing to improve quality, support strategic emerging industries for their fast development, and step up the industries of modern logistics, trade and finance into high-end development; encourage the rapid growth of private enterprises, strengthen coordination and services and ensure the supply of production elements. Third, raising the all-around level of opening-up: We must give further play to the leading role of each economic pilot zone, double our efforts in investment attraction, carry out the strategy of “going out”, play a boosting role in foreign trade export, and implement the strategy of export brands, energetically developing emerging markets. Fourth, building a good soft environment: With the “Year of Soft Environment Building” as a vehicle, we must build a pragmatic and efficient administration environment, an attractive policy environment and a standard & fair law enforcement environment, turning Dalian into a city with the best investment environment. Fifth, changing work style: We must hold tightly to opportunities, do down-to-earth work, work hard with quick response and actions, and carry out responsibility systems; build close relationship with the masses, reinforce & develop achievements of the “Great Discussion”, implement the opinions of the CPC Dalian Committee on making close contact between the Party and the people, and solve problems people are mostly concerned with such as employment, social security, environment, prices, housing, medical care and education; pay special attention to improving the Party's work style and building clean government, develop relationships of reform, development and stability and promote social harmony and stability, creating a good social environment for the smooth progress of the 18th CPC National Congress.       
Li Wancai said that, last year, we won over unprecedented difficulties and challenges for a good start of the 12th Five-Year Plan. It will be harder for us to fulfill the goal of 2012; we are facing either opportunities or challenges; anyway, opportunities are greater than challenges. Thus, we must win victory in the battle, with firmer determination, greater efforts and more effective measures; ensuring a good start for the first quarter of the year. All the boroughs and economic pilot zones must bravely shoulder the burden of tasks, and take all feasible measures by playing their role as a main force, promoting sound and rapid economic and social development; spare no efforts to develop major projects with implementation of responsibility systems, get tight hold of big projects, double efforts for investment attraction, ensure commencement and reserves and promote perfect urban functions; work harder for good industrial and economic operation as well as enterprise development, carry out all the policies to support and offer better services for enterprises, try harder to relieve the burdens of enterprises, and carry out the financing promotion action for SMEs, supporting their rapid and healthy development; pay special attention to the guarantee of production factors, secure land for projects and funds, be economical about intensive land use, broaden financing channels, increase efforts to recruit foreign funds, and implement credit from financial institutions; do better fiscal and tax work, enhance the tax administration, cultivate financial resources and be frugal in expenditure, putting more capital into construction and people's livelihood; get everything ready for the spring plowing, continue to develop large-scale afforestation and speed up eco-environment development.     
Li Jingrui, deputy secretary of the Dalian Party Committee, chaired the meeting. Municipal leaders Xiao Shengfeng, Song Shanyun, Wang Jigang, Liu Aijun, Wang Ping, Zhang Shikun, Jin Cheng, Yuan Keli, Sun Guangtian, Qu Xiaofei, Zhang Jun, Zhu Chengqing and Xu Guochen; Xu Changyuan, secretary of the CCP Affairs Work Committee of Jinzhou New Area; Dong Chengfa, secretary of the CCP Affairs Work Committee of Dalian Huayuankou Economic Zone; Lu Lin, secretary of the CCP Affairs Work Committee of Dalian Free Trade Zone; Jiang Zhou, secretary of the CCP Affairs Work Committee of Puwan New Area; Assistant Mayor Liu Yan and leaders form localities and relevant departments directly under the municipal government took part in the meeting.

From: Dalian Daily