Dalian Public Opinion Website opens

From now on, when you input www.dlminyi.com, you may voice your comments and suggestions, ask questions, and express your remedies directly to the CPC Dalian Committee, the Dalian Municipal Government and all the departments and localities. Yesterday, the Dalian Public Opinion Website opened, serving as an online express for interaction between the Dalian Party Committee, the Dalian Municipal Government and citizens. Li Jingrui, deputy secretary of the Dalian Party Committee; Xiao Shengfeng, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Dalian Committee and executive vice mayor; Zhang Shikun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Dalian Committee and secretary-general of the Dalian Party Committee; Tian Shujun, deputy director of the Dalian NPC Standing Committee; and Wang Yibo, vice-chairman of the Dalian Municipal CPPCC, attended the ceremony and launched the website together.
At present, Dalian has entered a designated time for the transformation of economic development mode, a crucial period for the improvement of people’s livelihood and a social problems and contradiction protruding period. To meet the need for diverse and complicated remedies of the people, the Dalian Party Committee and the Dalian Municipal Government advocated to set up a public opinion website in order to get to know more and directly about the comments and suggestions from the society and the people, solve their reasonable demands, and find remedies for a closer relationship with the masses. Dalian Public Opinion Website, initiated by the Dalian Party Committee and the Dalian Municipal Government, will open to the public round the clock to solicit, summarize, distribute, handle and give feedback of public opinion, give supervision and evaluation of the Party and governmental organs; and serve as inspectors for the opening of the Party affairs and government affairs. It will conduct an organic interaction between problem reporting & solution and reply & feedback to reduce the go-betweens.    
Zhang Shikun said in his speech that the opening of the website is an important result of the “Great Discussion”, an important move to smooth the channel of public opinions and an important platform to develop a closer relationship between the Party and the people and cadres & masses. Zhang stressed that we must give full play to the role of the website and try our best to run it efficiently. The key problem for a better website is to see whether localities and departments give people prompt replies, whether they give good solutions to their problems and whether people are satisfied. Thus, all the localities and departments have to attach importance to it by making great efforts toward its implementation, making the website the platform for public opinions and remedies people most trust.   
As learned, Dalian Public Opinion Website will be run and daily maintained by Runsky.com; people may log onto http://www.runsky.com to access to the website.
From: Dalian Daily