Dalian DHI·DCW Group lists as a whole

On Dec. 27, Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co. LTD. (DHI) completed the issuance of 215.19 million new shares at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), marking the Dalian DHI·DCW Group’s listing as a whole successful, and the DHI, a listed company, has become a large international corporation group with double operations of capital and core business. Yesterday, Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co. LTD. (DHI) was inaugurated. So far, the asset securitization ratio in the field of Dalian’s state-owned assets has reached 44%, ranking top nationwide; the total market value of Dalian in the A share market has accounted for 50% of the entire province. Municipal leaders Xiao Shengfeng and Qu Xiaofei; Lu Yansun, former vice minister of the Ministry of Machine Industry, member of the NPC Financial and Economic Affairs Committee and executive vice chairman of the China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF), attended the unveiling ceremony.  
The total equity shares of DHI are 429.19 million; Dalian DHI·DCW Group is holding 338.39 million shares, accounting for 78.84% of the total equity shares, becoming the controlling shareholder of the listed company. After its listing as a whole, DHI increased nearly 7 times its total assets and doubled its total market value. 

In early 2008, Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Steel Casting Co. Ltd., affiliated to Dalian DHI · DCW Group, listed at SZSE; in 2010, DHI· DCW had an overall restructure; in early 2011, Dalian worked out the plan for an assets regroup to give a big push to Dalian DHI·DCW Group’s listing as a whole. Within only several months, more than 40 historical problems secularly perplexing the company listing and development were solved. The company listing as a whole was “initiated and completed within the same year” and is a successful case for the state-owned company restructure and listing.
From: Dalian Daily