Unemployment Insurance Aid Enterprise Stabilization Policy Issued in Dalian

Recently, the Dalian Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Dalian Municipal Finance Bureau, Dalian Municipal Development & Reform Commission, the Dalian Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Dalian Taxation Administration of the State Administration of Taxation and Dalian Municipal Bureau of Commerce jointly issued the Notice on Unemployment Insurance Supporting Enterprises to Stabilize Employment (by the Dalian Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau [2019] No. 212). Special assistance shall be given to eligible insured enterprises facing temporary difficulties in production and operation and with prospects for recovery (hereinafter referred to as insured enterprises with difficulties in operation and prospects for recovery), and the strength of “real money” shall be unprecedented.


According to the policy, from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, if the insured enterprises are faced with temporary production and operation difficulties and hope to recover, and adhere to no layoffs and fewer layoffs of insured enterprises, the return standard shall be determined according to six months of local per capita unemployment insurance benefits and the number of insured employees. As an example, an enterprise with 50 insured employees in Dalian has difficulty in operation and is expected to recover, and the standard of refund for stable posts is 1250 yuan per month × 6 months × 50 persons = 375,000 yuan per person in Dalian.


Municipal Employment Service Center officials said, this unemployed insurance aid enterprise stabilizes post policy is after the periodic adjustment of unemployed insurance premium of unit pay cost rate. It is another important measure to improve the mechanism of unemployment insurance to promote employment, to help the employing units actively cope with the downward pressure of economy, to reduce the cost of employment, and to stabilize the employment position. It is also the largest rebate in the subsidy policy for stabilizing the position that has been implemented since 2016. For example, if a small enterprise only enjoys unemployment insurance subsidy, it can only get a few thousand yuan subsidy. In the New Deal, if it meets the requirements of difficult operation and recovery, it will be possible for the enterprise to get hundreds of thousands of stabilization funds to help the enterprise tide over the difficulties.


It is learned that enterprises that meet the following conditions can apply for stable post return of “enterprises with operational difficulties and prospects for recovery”: production and business activities in line with the state and the region’s industrial structure adjustment policies and environmental protection policies; those who have paid unemployment insurance premiums in full for more than 12 months or less since January 1, 2018 may apply after making up payment; no layoffs or a reduction of less than 3 per cent were made in the previous year; not included in the “Credit China” website “discredited blacklist”, not included in the relevant government departments “zombie enterprises” list; in 2019, the taxable income for two consecutive natural quarters decreased by more than 50% compared with the same period in 2018, or the import (export) amount for two consecutive natural quarters decreased by more than 20% compared with the same period in 2018; we will actively take measures to stabilize jobs. Eligible enterprises log in the enterprise insurance online declaration system of the Dalian Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Network (www. dl12333. gov. cn), through the declaration port of “Business Difficulty and Recovery Hopeful Enterprise Return” to make online declaration, fill in the relevant information, and print the Application and Approval Form for Business Difficulties and Restoration of Hopeful Enterprises in 2019 after successful submission, and bring relevant materials to the unemployment insurance agency of the district (city), county and pilot area where the enterprises are registered for declaration, with a deadline of January 31, 2020.


Faced with temporary difficulties in production and operation and the prospect of recovery, insured enterprises that insist on not laying off workers or laying off fewer workers and carry out on-the-job training of their employees in accordance with regulations may also receive subsidies for vocational training of prescribed standards. , Employees in the eligible enterprises may be organized to register for training at the training institution affiliated to the enterprise or the training institution recognized by the government with relevant materials. After the employees of the training enterprise obtain the vocational qualification certificate or the vocational skill grade certificate, the enterprise shall submit the application materials to the local employment and training department and apply for the vocational training subsidy for the employees of the difficult enterprise on-the-job.