Opinions of the General Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government on Adjusting Relevant Policies and Measures Concerning the Listing and transfer

The people's governments of Zhongshan District, Xigang District, Shahekou District and Ganjingzi District, the committees and offices of the municipal government, the directly affiliated institutions and relevant units:


In order to further strengthen the accurate regulation of the real estate market in our city, maintain a healthy and stable development trend, and enhance the competitiveness of attracting investment, with the consent of the municipal government, the following opinions are hereby put forward on the relevant policies and measures for adjusting the listing and transfer of real estate land in Zhongshan District, Xigang District, Shahekou District and Ganjingzi District (hereinafter referred to as the four districts in the city):


I. Improve the adjustment mechanism of the reserve price of land transfer. On the basis of land price assessment, the reserve price for land transfer that is in line with the market trend and expectations should be reasonably determined through comprehensive consideration of multiple factors.


II. Adjust the bidding method for land listing transfer. We will implement the state's housing policy that requires simultaneous rent and purchase, and determine the proportion of real estate land allocated to specific projects in the four districts of the city in accordance with the special planning for rental housing and the specific circumstances. When listing for trading and the premium rate exceeds 49 % of the initial selling price, it will be converted to competing rental housing area. At the same time, centralized construction of rental housing will be adopted to gradually expand the supply of rental housing market.


III. Adjust the commercial ratio of residential development projects.  In accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, the city planning and under the premise of public infrastructure facilities, the commercial ratio of residential development projects should be adjusted appropriately.


IV. A moderate reduction in the proportion of bidding deposit.  According to the transfer bottom price and the specific circumstances of the project, the proportion of bidding deposit shall be reasonably determined and it should not be lesser than the provisions of the state.


V. Timely disclosure of relevant information on the medium and long-term urban planning and real estate development and construction planning of the proposed development area.


VI. The parcel of land sold or whose transaction has been terminated before the implementation of this opinion should be reevaluated the starting price of the transfer, and be listed to transfer after the the transfer plan is adjusted.


                                                                                                                                                                                                              General Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government
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