Implementation Opinions of Dalian Municipal People's Government on Further Deepening Global Tourism and Accelerating Tourism Development


The people's governments of the districts, cities and counties, the administrative committees of the leading districts, the commissions of the municipal government, the institutions directly under the municipal government, and the relevant units:


Developing global tourism, taking a certain area as a complete tourism destination, taking tourism as the dominant industry, unified planning and layout, optimizing public services, promoting industrial integration, strengthening comprehensive management and implementing systematic marketing will help to continuously upgrade the level of modernization, intensification, quality and internationalization of tourism and better meet the demand of tourism consumption.  In order to further promote the city's global tourism process, further speed up the development of tourism, and make tourism a strategic pillar industry of the national economy and a modern service industry more satisfactory to the people, according to the guidance of the general office of the state Council on promoting the development of global tourism ( Guo ban fa [ 2018 ] No. 15 ) and the notice of the general office of Liaoning provincial people's government of the CPC Liaoning provincial party Committee on printing and distributing the implementation opinions on further speeding up the development of tourism ( Liao ban fa [ 2018 ] No. 84 ), combined with the actual situation in the city, the following implementation opinions are put forward.


I. general requirements

(1) Guiding ideology

We will fully implement the spirit of the party's 19th congress and the second and third plenary sessions of the 19th central Committee, guided by Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, persistently implement the new development concept and " four efforts" and " three advances", with the goal of creating an " international tourist destination in northeast Asia", with reform and innovation as the driving force, with deepening the structural reform on the tourism supply side as the main line, cultivate and strengthen the main body of the tourism market, better play the role of the government, promote tourism investment and consumption, stimulate the vitality of tourism economic development and promote the development of the whole world tourism.


(2) Basic principles

- Adhere to the combination of market leadership and government promotion.  To promote the reform and innovation of tourism system and mechanism as a whole, to further open tourism resources to the market, to optimize the environment for tourism development and to improve the quality of tourism public services;  Give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of tourism resources, strengthen the dominant position of tourism enterprises in the market, increase investment and attract intelligence, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of tourism.


- Adhere to the combination of resource endowment and market demand.  Adhere to the "people - oriented" principle, fully tap resource advantages, develop unique tourism products, improve interaction and experience functions with tourists, and comprehensively improve product quality and service level.  Cultivate new tourism formats, optimize the structure of tourism products and meet the growing tourism demand of the people.


- Adhere to the combination of global tourism and national tourism.  To create a national global tourism demonstration area as the starting point, to promote the development of industry-wide intensive leadership, integration of elements in the whole field, seamless connection of the whole transportation, and sector-wide tourism.  Let the broad masses of the people participate in tourism development and share the fruits of tourism development.


- Adhere to the combination of hardware upgrading and software improvement.  Strengthen the construction and matching of tourism public service infrastructure, and comprehensively improve the hardware function and quality; Improve the standard system, standardize service behavior, renovate the market environment, build a credit system, strengthen comprehensive management, guide civilized tourism and improve the soft environment for tourism consumption.


- Adhere to the combination of development and utilization with ecological protection.  Adhere to the principle of giving priority to ecological protection, implement the concept of " green water and green hills are golden hill and silver hill", integrate global resources as a whole, and optimize the spatial layout and format selection of tourism industry;  Grasp the rhythm of tourism resource development, pay attention to resource conservation and environmental protection, avoid homogenization project construction, and improve the efficiency of tourism resource development and utilization.


(3) Development objectives

By 2020, five units will be set up in the global tourism demonstration zone, and six major tourism functional zones will be built in the city, making tourism a strategic pillar industry of the national economy.


II. Key Tasks

(1) Party and government leadership to build a modern tourism governance system.  One is to establish a global tourism organization leadership mechanism with the main leaders of the party and government in charge.  The second is to improve the tourism comprehensive coordination management mechanism and strengthen the comprehensive coordination function of the tourism management department.  All districts, cities and counties (leading districts) should establish a global tourism management system and operation mechanism in line with the local characteristics.  The third is to actively innovate tourism supporting mechanisms, establish and improve such mechanisms as active policy guarantee, financial support, comprehensive supervision, integrated marketing, multi-discipline integration, tourism standardization, civilized tourism creation, tourism volunteer organization, tourism personnel training, and tourism work assessment and incentive.  Fourth, actively promote the reform of state-owned tourist attractions and the formation of tourism groups, and promote tourism reform and innovation according to local conditions.  ( Responsible units: Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal State - owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Municipal Tourism Development Commission and competent departments of scenic spots in various countries shall carry out their duties according to the division of responsibilities, and each district and county government and the administrative Committee of the pilot zone )


(2) Accurate policy implementation, and the introduction and implementation of positive policies to support global tourism development.  We will fully implement the policies of the state to support the development of tourism.  We will implement various policies on tourism land and incorporate the land needed for tourism development into the overall land use planning and urban and rural planning.  Moderately expand the supply of land for tourism industry, and ensure land for key tourism projects and rural tourism poverty alleviation projects.  We will support the construction of tourism projects through linking up the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land and pilot reclamation and utilization of industrial and mining abandoned land.  On the premise of meeting the requirements of ecological environment protection and relevant planning, encourage the use of idle land "barren hills, barren ditches, barren hills and wasteland" to develop tourism projects.  Reasonable arrangement of new construction land plan indicators, the transfer price can be determined according to the principle of not less than the sum of land acquisition cost, land development cost and relevant fees charged according to regulations.  Rural collective economic organizations can use construction land to run their own businesses according to law or set up tourism enterprises in the form of shares and joint ventures with land use rights.  Urban and rural residents can use their own houses to engage in residential and other tourism operations according to law.  On the premise of not changing the subject of land use and planning conditions, if the market subject provides tourism distribution system, cultural tourism and leisure services that meet the needs of global tourism development by using old factories and warehouses, the transitional policy of continuing to use land according to its original use and land right type within five years can be implemented according to regulations.  According to law, reasonable arrangements should be made for the development of tourism in the sea, and residents' islands should be encouraged to develop leisure and vacation tourism.  Innovation of forest land occupation and compensation balance system, formulation of tourism land occupation and compensation balance method, adhere to the principle of " ecological priority, government - led, first compensation and then occupation, first compensation and first compensation, first compensation and first compensation, first compensation and best compensation and sustainable utilization", carry out protective tourism development of exploitable forest land, and go through the formalities of requisition and occupation of forest land according to law and regulations;  Explore the combination of ecological protection functions such as fire prevention and conservation, and support the construction of tourism projects through point-to-point land supply.  Increase support for key tourism projects and give support to cities, districts, counties (pilot districts) and villages and towns in the construction of major tourism projects.  Increase incentives for tourists to attract tourists, including encouraging cruise companies to take Dalian Port as their home port, encouraging travel agencies to develop charter flights, special trains and cruise tours, and encouraging travel agencies to attract overnight tourists and large-scale award teams.  ( responsible units: municipal land and housing bureau, municipal planning bureau, municipal forestry bureau, municipal marine fishery bureau and municipal tourism and development Commission shall carry out their duties according to the division of responsibilities, and each district and county government and the administrative Committee of the pilot zone )


(3) Strengthen overall planning and improve the top-level design of global tourism.  In accordance with the requirements of the " multi - discipline and integration" space plan, the organization prepares the overall plan for global tourism development, strengthens the connection with urban and rural construction, economic and social development, land use, environmental protection, forest land protection and marine use planning, reasonably arranges major tourism development projects within the global scope, and ensures the orderly implementation of the global tourism strategy.  Improve the tourism planning system and formulate special plans or implementation plans for tourism public services, marketing promotion, market management and human resources.  The overall planning of global tourism development and the planning of key projects should be submitted to the Dalian Municipal People's Congress for approval, so as to enhance the legal effect of the implementation of the planning and establish a supervision mechanism for the evaluation and implementation of tourism planning.  National global tourism demonstration zones and other qualified areas should cultivate tourism as a dominant industry for regional economic development.  ( responsible units: the municipal development and reform Commission, the municipal planning bureau, the municipal land and housing bureau, the municipal environmental protection bureau, the municipal urban construction bureau, the municipal forestry bureau, the municipal marine fishery bureau, and the municipal tourism and development Commission are implemented according to the division of responsibilities, and each district and county government and the administrative Committee of the pilot zone )


(4) Completing the short board and improving the level of infrastructure and public services.  Accelerate the construction of infrastructure in major cities such as Dalian International Cruise Center, the new airport, the undersea tunnel and the Jinpu inter-city railway.  We will further explore and make use of the existing resource advantages of Dalian Port and Dalian Airport, improve infrastructure facilities, and promote the convenience and smoothness of ports and inspection facilities, customs clearance inspection and land-shore docking involved in the berthing and departure of international cruise ships and flights in Dalian.  Construction of Dalian North Station Integrated Passenger Transport Hub.  Actively promote the construction of Dalian tourism big data center.  Reasonable layout of global tourism distribution center, set up multi-level tourism distribution network.  Accelerate the construction of infrastructure and supporting facilities such as tourist toilets, tourist consultation service centers, smart tourist attractions and tourist characteristic blocks.  We will improve the management and maintenance level of tourist toilets in scenic spots and public toilets along the tourist routes in an all-round way, promote the " toilet revolution" in rural tourist attractions according to local conditions, and set up a third toilet in important tourist activity sites.  Do the main tourist attractions, tourist routes, stations and other places have sufficient toilets, clean and sanitary, practical and free of charge, and effective management.  Within three years, 20 tourism consultation centers have been built and perfected, all scenic spots above Grade 3A have been built into intelligent scenic spots, and each district, city and county (leading area) has completed the construction of a tourist characteristic block.  Strengthen road traffic construction leading to major scenic spots, rural tourist spots, tourist villages, etc.  Promote the connection between trunk roads and scenic spots above Grade 3A.  Strengthen the service guarantee of tourist passenger transport and urban public transport to tourist attractions.  To promote the construction of tourism and leisure facilities such as urban greenways, special cycling lines, hiking trails, slow-moving systems and transportation stations.  We will improve the self-driving and self-help travel service system of "fast walking and roaming".  Establish a tourism guidance sign system with standardized use, reasonable layout, clear orientation and complete contents in the whole world.  Support the establishment of additional facilities such as viewing platform, self-driving camp, caravan camp and road service area along the trunk highway and scenic highway in accordance with the regulations, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the expressway service area to a comprehensive tourism service center.  We will optimize the structure of the tourist accommodation industry and promote the coordinated development of various accommodation formats such as star hotels, theme hotels, boutique hotels, village hostels and youth hotels.  ( responsible units: municipal public security bureau, municipal urban construction bureau, municipal transportation bureau, municipal port bureau, municipal agriculture Commission, municipal tourism Commission, Dalian customs, Dalian port group and Dalian international airport group are implemented according to the division of responsibilities, and each district and county government, leading zone management Committee )


(5) Seize the opportunity to build a cruise tourism development experimental area with high standards.  Actively promote the construction of Dalian's "experimental zone for China's cruise tourism development", improve the management capacity of international cruise center construction, cultivate local cruise service strength and expand the level of cruise economic output.  To promote the upstream and downstream support of the cruise industry and the promotion of cruise destination products.  Accelerate the reconstruction and expansion of Dalian Port's cruise berths and the construction of international cruise passenger transport centers.  To further improve the development environment of cruise tourism, specific policies were issued to support the construction of cruise related infrastructure, registration of cruise companies, cruise voyage organization, cruise tourism marketing, cruise tourist attraction, cruise customs clearance, and the introduction of cruise talents.  Actively strive for 1 - 2 international cruise companies to take Dalian as their home port within 3 years.  ( Responsible units: Municipal Port Bureau, Municipal Tourism Commission and Dalian Port Group shall carry out their duties according to the division of responsibilities )


(6) Highlight the characteristics and improve the leisure tourism product system.  On the basis that our city has won the "China's tourism and leisure demonstration city", we will continue to fill in the blanks and create influential leisure and tourism products according to the evaluation criteria.  Focus on the development of coastal leisure, fishing, rural tourism, festival tourism, hot spring skiing and other tourism projects, with 60 festival tourism activities each year.  Highlight the regional characteristics and speed up the upgrading of key tourist destinations such as Lushunkou District and Jinshitan Tourist Resort.  Cultivate high-quality tourism cultural projects at night, focusing on promoting the construction of cultural tourism projects such as Oriental Shuicheng and Lushun Taiyanggou District.  Vigorously develop marine island tourism.  In - depth promotion of " tourism +", encouragement of the integration of other industries and tourism, and cultivation of new formats such as research tourism, industrial tourism, agricultural experience, science and technology tourism, health care for the elderly, caravan camping, fishing in the sea, sports fitness, yacht leisure, etc.  We will promote traditional farmhouse and fisherman's entertainment to raise service standards, realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional rural tourism to residential economy, vigorously promote the development of tourism in poor areas with tourism resources, and improve the tourism poverty alleviation model of "scenic spots with villages and able people with households".  Support the transformation of agricultural products into tourism commodities, carry out the construction of rural tourism trunk base, and encourage tourism enterprises such as scenic spots to sell agricultural products.  Support the cooperation between Wen Chuang enterprises and tourism enterprises to develop tourism accompanying gifts with regional cultural characteristics.  Encourage large-scale enterprises or industrial alliances to integrate all kinds of tourism commodity sales outlets and channel resources in a coordinated manner, so as to drive the seamless connection between the design, production and sales of all kinds of tourism commodities and form simultaneous online and offline sales.  To improve the intelligent manufacturing, lean manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing capabilities of the city's tourism equipment manufacturing enterprises, and encourage the construction of key tourism projects to give priority to Dalian's local tourism equipment.  Actively promote the city's 20 " beautiful countryside" construction.  Focus on the introduction of large enterprise groups, high-starting point planning, high-quality construction and high-quality operation of a number of large-scale leisure and vacation tourism complexes, creating a number of characteristic tourist towns and major tourist functional areas with distinctive industrial characteristics, concentration of innovative elements, integration of industry and culture, and obvious demonstration effect, and creating a first-class domestic and world-famous tourist attraction.  ( Responsible units: Municipal Economic and Social Commission, Municipal Land and Housing Bureau, Municipal Planning Bureau, Municipal Urban Construction Bureau, Municipal Agricultural Commission, Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Municipal Travel and Development Commission are implemented according to the division of responsibilities, and each district and county government, leading zone management Committee )


(7) Improve the quality and enrich the connotation of romantic city's tourism brand.  Strengthen the protective use of resources, focus on improving the environment along the main tourist routes, and create a good tourist environment.  Promote the further development of civilized tourism, strengthen the construction of tourism enterprises' style, raise the awareness of tourism enterprises' civilization, and give full play to the self-discipline role of tourism industry associations.  Continue to implement the tourism service quality improvement plan, improve the construction of tourism credit system, encourage the creation of quality tourism demonstration projects and cultivate quality tourism series brands.  Improve the tourism standard system, expand the coverage of tourism standards, and strengthen the implementation and supervision of standards.  In - depth excavation of local specialty snacks, building specialty catering brands, promoting the construction of specialty catering blocks, and further improving the quality of catering services.  We will further promote the integration of tourism and culture and tell a good story about Dalian.  Set up Dalian characteristic tourism service brands such as "quality guide" and " master studio".  Establish a volunteer service workstation, carry out public welfare activities of tourism volunteer service, and create a brand of tourism volunteer service.  To speed up the establishment of national 5A tourist attractions, national tourist resorts, national global tourist demonstration zones and other famous tourist brands.  To carry out the evaluation of tourists' satisfaction, and to carry out targeted promotion of tourists' satisfaction.  To create an atmosphere of "everywhere is a tourist environment and everyone is a tourist image", to strengthen the awareness of the general public on tourism participation, tourism image and tourism responsibility, and to strengthen the service of benefiting the people in tourism.  ( Responsible units: Municipal Civilization Office, Municipal Urban Construction Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Bureau of Culture and Broadcasting, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau and Municipal Tourism Development Committee are implemented according to the division of responsibilities, and each district and county government, leading zone management Committee )


(8) Innovative ways to do a good job of global tourism integrated marketing.  We will continue to increase sales promotion and soliciting efforts in overseas tourism markets, consolidate traditional tourist markets and actively develop new ones.  With the help of big data analysis, strengthen market research, accurately develop domestic tourist market, strengthen regional tourism marketing cooperation, and further enhance Dalian's tourism influence.  To establish urban tourism marketing programs, based on the " big publicity" pattern, integrate publicity, tourism, foreign affairs, culture, radio and television, newspapers and other publicity resources, make comprehensive use of new media platforms such as " two micro - ends" to create a cross - regional, cross-platform and cross-terminal three-dimensional marketing mechanism, and accelerate the formation of a new tourism marketing system with strong pertinence and good communication power centered on new media.  Focus on the functions of the city's departments and media resources, and focus on promoting the image of the city.  Lead the Liaoning coastal economic belt tourism joint promotion alliance, organize research and development of tourism quality routes, and jointly carry out domestic and overseas promotion and marketing activities.  Deepen the cooperation with the Greater Northeast Region, Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei Region and Bohai Rim Region as destinations, build a mechanism for tourists' exchange and cooperation, and actively integrate into the Greater Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei Tourism Circle and the Greater Northeast Region Tourism Cooperation.  We will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions along the "the belt and road initiative" line and improve the level of international cooperation and exchanges in tourism.  ( Responsible units: Municipal Propaganda Department, Municipal Bureau of Culture and Broadcasting, Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, and Municipal Tourism Commission shall carry out their duties according to the division of responsibilities )


(9) Optimizing the environment and promoting a standardized and orderly market.  We will fully implement the Tourism Law of the People's Republic of China, Liaoning Province Tourism Regulations and Dalian City Tourism Regulations, establish and improve a comprehensive tourism supervision mechanism, and clarify the supervision responsibilities of various regions and departments in the tourism industry.  Public security, industry and commerce, transportation, quality supervision, prices, administrative law enforcement and other departments should take the initiative to carry out special inspection of tourism law enforcement.  Establish and improve tourism law enforcement teams, and seriously investigate and deal with illegal acts that damage tourists' rights and interests and disrupt the order of the tourism market.  Do a good job in the normalization supervision of the tourism order in key areas, focusing on strengthening the clean-up and regulation of social idle personnel around railway stations, docks, airports, xinghai squares, major scenic spots and other areas to distribute tourism advertisements, follow tourists to sell tourism products, grab tourists and illegally set up tourist departure points to ensure a good tourism order.  We will improve the reporting mechanism for tourism complaints, and handle the reporting of tourism complaints in a timely and fair manner by using 12301 intelligent tourism service platform and 12345 citizen hotline.  Optimize the business environment and stimulate the vitality of tourism enterprises.  Support the implementation of various policies for the development of private economy.  Support private tourism enterprises and social capital to participate in the restructuring of state-owned tourism enterprises.  Guide and support private tourism enterprises to operate in good faith, provide quality services, and become stronger and bigger.  ( responsible units: the district and county governments, the administrative Committee of the pilot zone, the municipal development and reform commission, the municipal public security bureau, the municipal transportation bureau, the municipal state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, the municipal administration of industry and commerce, the municipal quality supervision bureau, the municipal tourism development commission and the municipal administrative law enforcement bureau shall carry out their duties according to the division of responsibilities )


(10) To improve the system and strengthen the security of tourism.  Strengthen the system construction of comprehensive tourism safety supervision, and refine the safety supervision responsibilities of relevant departments such as tourism, public security, transportation, safety supervision, quality supervision, health, fire control, food and drug supervision, etc.  The implementation of territorial safety supervision responsibility, the districts, cities and counties (pilot areas) to further strengthen the comprehensive supervision of tourism safety.  Strict implementation of tourism safety systems, organizing tourism risk assessment according to law, strengthening safety warning, publicity and guidance, improving emergency plans and drills, and establishing a tourism rescue system combining government aid with commercial aid.  To strengthen the warning of the maximum carrying capacity of tourist attractions, passenger volume control, meteorological disaster monitoring and early warning information release, and emergency management.  Strengthen the safety supervision of special equipment such as passenger ropeways, large amusement facilities and other key areas and links such as marine boats, tourist vehicles and tourism festivals.  Keep an eye on holidays and other peak periods, increase the safety supervision of tourism enterprises and ensure the safety and stability of the tourism market.  ( Responsible units: Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Transportation Bureau, Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Bureau and Municipal Tourism and Development Commission are implemented according to the division of responsibilities, and each district and county government, leading zone management Committee )


(11) Innovative cultivation, to create a highland for tourism talent gathering.  We will optimize the environment for the development of tourism talents and improve the talent team system with tourism administration personnel, tourism management personnel, tourism professional and technical personnel, tourism skilled personnel and rural tourism practical personnel as the core.  Establish a Dalian tourism think tank, build a database of tourism enterprise leaders and tourism professional managers, a database of tourism high-skilled talents and a database of rural tourism practical talents.  Standardize and strengthen the construction of tour guide personnel, improve the environment for tour guide professional development, and further enhance the professional honor and attraction of tour guide personnel.  Focus on the introduction and training of " tourism +" talents, innovative and innovative talents, and improve the mechanism of introduction, training, use and evaluation of tourism talents.  Encourage enterprises to introduce all kinds of senior tourism management personnel and high-tech personnel, and support the introduction of excellent tourism management, planning and technology development teams.  Support institutions, scientific research institutions and tourism enterprises to introduce overseas high-end talents and optimize the talent structure.  To strengthen the education and training of tourism professionals.  To guide school-enterprise cooperation and train professionals for tourism enterprises through various modes.  innovating the mode of talent introduction, training and use, and encouraging professionals in planning, architecture, design, art and other fields to help guide the development of tourism through temporary employment at the grass-roots level.  We will support cities and counties (pilot districts) to set up tourism expert advisory teams and expert databases, study the guiding policies for part-time employment in tourism, and support high-quality talents in related fields to work part-time in tourism as required.  ( Responsible units: Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal People's Social Bureau and Municipal Tourism Commission shall implement according to the division of responsibilities, the municipal and county governments and the administrative Committee of the pilot zone )


(12) To enhance the vitality and implement innovation-driven tourism.  Highlight the dominant position of innovation-driven tourism enterprises, stimulate the initiative of technological innovation and application of various enterprises in the fields of tourism equipment, equipment, new building materials and services, promote the application of high and new technologies such as virtual reality in traditional tourist attractions, and innovate tourism models and experiences.  Promote the innovation of tourism business model, encourage large-scale tourism groups to unify their layout or adopt the mode of joining chains to co-ordinate their operations, share market information and brands, and improve their market management ability in view of such formats as self-driving saloon camps, tourism shopping, yachting and sailing.  Promote the innovation of tourism resources development mode, encourage the social capital to conduct comprehensive development of commercial management and public services of tourism resources in a certain area through granting the right of management according to law, and upgrade the traditional state-owned scenic spots to enhance the innovation capability of tourism in all directions.  ( Responsible units: Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal State - owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Municipal Tourism Development Commission shall be implemented according to the division of responsibilities, and each district and county government and the administrative Committee of the pilot zone )


III. work requirements

Deepening global tourism and further promoting tourism development is a profound reform in the field of service industry, especially in the field of tourism, in the process of economic restructuring. It requires overall planning, comprehensive coordination, advanced planning and step-by-step promotion, and creating favorable development environment and conditions from the aspects of institutional mechanism, organizational leadership and policy guarantee.


(1) Strengthening organizational leadership.  The party committees and governments of all districts, cities and counties ( leading districts ) should position and strengthen the overall development of global tourism in the work of economic and social development, clarify the division of tasks, responsibilities, departments in charge and time limit for completion, and form a working mechanism for overall planning and promotion of global tourism.  To grasp the key links and key areas to do a good job in supervision and solve problems in a timely manner.  We should combine the implementation of global tourism with solving key tourism problems and pushing forward the central tasks such as comprehensive and deepening reform to test the effectiveness of global tourism with the results of reform, development and livelihood improvement.  All regions and departments shall, according to their duties, formulate promotion plans according to the key tasks of the global tourism work listed in this opinion.  ( Responsibility Unit: District, City and County Governments, Leading Zone Administrative Committee, Relevant Departments )


(2) Strengthening policy support.  Through existing funding channels, we will support global tourism development and the introduction and training of tourism talents, as well as major tourism project development and public infrastructure construction.  Encourage and support special funds for transportation, agriculture, forestry, marine fisheries, water conservancy, housing and urban construction, culture, environmental protection and sports at all levels, and tilt toward tourism projects on the premise of meeting the conditions.  Encourage qualified regions to set up investment and development funds for the tourism industry in accordance with regulations and to implement market-oriented operation.  Innovating the application and promotion of government and social capital cooperation (PPP) model in the field of tourism, all levels of finance, development and reform and tourism departments should jointly do a good job in the application, recommendation and implementation of tourism PPP projects.  Actively guide industrial investment funds and other investment in various tourism projects, and actively promote the listing and financing of qualified tourism enterprises.  Increase investment in rural tourism and poverty alleviation through tourism.  Comprehensive utilization of the current policies of helping the poor and benefiting farmers, integration of project funds and centralized investment will form a concerted effort to help the poor.  ( responsible units: municipal development and reform Commission, municipal finance bureau, municipal environmental protection bureau, municipal urban construction bureau, municipal transportation bureau, municipal agriculture Commission, municipal water affairs bureau, municipal forestry bureau, municipal marine fishery bureau, municipal cultural and broadcasting bureau, municipal sports bureau, municipal tourism and development Commission and other departments shall carry out their duties according to the division of responsibilities, and each district and county government, leading zone management Committee, etc. )


(3) Strengthening supervision and assessment.  The target responsibility system for global tourism development will be established, and tourism development will be included in the assessment system as an important development target and an important assessment content for the district, city and county governments (leading zone management Committee ) and relevant departments.  To formulate measures for supervision and assessment, establish and gradually improve the assessment mechanism, and clearly stipulate matters such as supervision and inspection, assessment contents, scoring methods, implementation steps, application of results and work requirements.  ( Responsibility Unit: City Travel and Development Committee, District, City and County Governments, Pilot Zone Management Committee )


The people's government of Dalian city

December 13, 2018