Notice of Dalian Municipal People's Government on Strengthening the Management of Dalian Jinyao Double Line Railway Safety Protection Zone




In order to strengthen the management of the railway safety protection zones of Dalian Jinyao complex line, make sure the safety and smooth traffic of the railway line of Jinyao complex line, protect the safety of the country and the people's life and property, and according to the relevant laws and regulations, such as the "Railway Safety Management Ordinance", hereby circulars the relevant matters as follows:


1. No railway-related personnel shall be allowed to enter the closed area of the railway line without authorization or to pass through the tunnel through the railway bridges and tunnels that have not been provided with the pedestrian passage.


2. It is forbidden to walk on the railway line, sit on or down or pass through the railway line that has not been erected or crossed the road. It is forbidden to place or abandon obstacles on the railway line.


3. It is forbidden to contact the electrified railway catenary or to throw items on the electrified railway catenary. It is forbidden to raise kites, balloons and other low-level floating objects within 500 meters on both sides of the line of railway power line.


4. It is forbidden to climb the railway power line tower, box-type substation, communication tower and other railway facilities along the lines. To prohibit the removal, destruction or unauthorized movement of cables, overhead lines and other facilities along railway lines.


5. It is forbidden to take soil, pile, drill or dump hazardous chemicals within 20 meters of the railway electric line poles and towers.


6. It is forbidden to burn, raise livestock, plant trees and other plants that affect the safety and safety of railway lines in the safe areas of railway lines. It is prohibited to discharge, dump garbage and other substances that endanger railway safety in the railway line safety protection zones.


7. Building structures, structures and other facilities such as buildings and structures within the railway line safety protection zones, taking soil, digging sand, digging ditches, mining air operations or stacking, hanging articles, shall obtain the consent of the railway transport enterprise and sign a safety agreement to comply with the national standards for ensuring the safety of the railway; Industry standard and construction safety standard, take measures to prevent the influence of railway transportation safety. The railway transport enterprise shall carry out safety supervision on the construction site.


8. When examining, approving or filing the relevant capital construction projects, the relevant departments shall take full account of the impact of the project or conduct on the safety of railway transport, and strictly follow the relevant provisions of the railway law of the People's Republic of China and the relevant provisions of the railway safety administration regulations.


9. The relevant departments shall organize the conduct of railway safety and legal publicity and education activities, and guide the units and individuals along the railway lines to abide by the relevant laws and regulations on railways and to cherish the facilities of railway equipment. If any railway facilities are found to have been stolen, destroyed or dismantled, the railway unit or railway or local public security organ shall be reported.


10. Violation of the provisions of this Circular and deal with according to law in accordance with the provisions of railway safety management regulations; Whoever constitutes a violation of the administration of public security shall be punished by the public security organ in accordance with the law; Those who constitute a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.


11. This Circular shall enter into force as of the date of promulgation.


The people's government of Dalian city

December 11, 2018