Notice of the General Office of the People's Government of Dalian Municipality on Printing and Distributing the Operational Management Regulations (Tr

District, municipality and county people’s government, Pilot area management committee, Relevant department of the municipal government and all the relevant units:


“The Operational Management Regulations(Trial) of the “Multi-Regulation” Service Construction Platform in Dalian” has been deliberated and passed in the 28th Executive Meeting of the 16th People’s Government of Dalian. Now we have printed it for you, please implement thoroughly.


                           Dalian Municipal People’s Government Office

                                                 December 12, 2018


The Operational Management Regulations(Trial) of the “Multi-Regulation” Service Construction Platform in Dalian

I            CHAPTER 1  GENERAL

1.         According to the regulations such as “The Notice of the Office of the State Council on Carrying Out the Pilot Reform of the Construction Project Approval System”(published by the Office of the State Council [2018] 33th) and “The management Regulation of Construction Projects in Dalian”,  ect, we made these regulations so as to make a further specification in the operation of “Multi-Regulation” Service Construction Platform, perfect the practice of “a blueprint” in spatial planning system, and improve the working efficiency produced by planed in the prophase of constructing project.


2.         “Multi-Regulation”Service Constructing Platform( below abbreviated to Multi-Regulation Platform) works with business system of all the units to switch information through interface docking. All the units’ ultimate definite business decisions and censor decisions , which will be taken as the project planning information and the evidence of the subsequent approval supervision, will be pushed to investment program online examination and approval supervision platform and the union examination and approval system on construction projects platform in Dalian through Multi-Regulation Platform.


3.         Leaded by space strategic planning, Multi-Regulation Platform is a working platform which can have an implementation in making the national economy and all kinds of involved space plans like social development, urban and rural development, overall plan for land utilization and environmental protection program interlink, coordinate with each other and share the planning information together. At the same time, it supports all the departments’ business corporation.


4.         The operation of the Multi-Regulation Platform sticks up to the rules of “convenience, efficiency, specification, transparency, sharing and safety”.


5.         This regulation applies to the collaboration of “a blueprint” municipal spatial planning system, and the municipal new-built, reconstructed and extended projects c business collaboration and planning production, as well as the departmental opinions from which all member units in the office of the central leading group( below abbreviated to Municipal Multi-Regulation Office) collected according to the needs of the Multi-Regulation’s relevant business.


The special projects needed to be submitted to the State or be approved by provinces, or the relevant military and confidential constructing programs, can implement according to the relevant regulation.


6.         Principally, all the projects which needs to turn over to the municipal council(such as municipal constructing land collection planning and trading committee, municipal urban and rural planning committee, ect)  to research and take into the financial investment, should be taken into Multi-Regulation Platform to planning project.


All the units’ opinions uploaded to the Multi-Regulation Platform will be viewed as your personal formal opinions, and these will be seen as the evidence of the subsequent project approval. All the units’ subsequent approval opinions shouldn’t be against the opinions put forward on the Multi-Regulation Platform in the previous planning. If it’s needed to adjust, you need to follow the process and reboot.


All the units must give your feedback within the specific time limit, and overdue feedback will be deemed to be no comment.


7.         Municipal Multi-Regulation Office is responsible for the Multi-Regulation Platform’s construction and maintenance, operational management and coordination and supervision. And it also takes charge of the relevant coordinated job of the editing spatial strategic planning. In additional, securing the information in the Multi-Regulation Platform is the concern of the Municipal Multi-Regulation Office. The department who is responsible for the accessing the Multi-Regulation Platform takes care of the information security produced by all the systems and data feed, as well as its confidentiality. Any classified information can be transferred to Multi-Regulation Platform after decrypting following the rules.


Planning Management Department is responsible for holding involved spatial planning examination and coordination. Besides, it also take charge of the development, coordination, management and delivery of the projects-related business synergy system.


The departments including Development and Reform Department, Territorial Management Department and Land Reserve Department should be in accordance with their respective responsibilities. “Who initiates, who leads, who consults and who does”.


8.         Projects approval realizes data interaction and sharing through Dalian Joint Approval Platform for Engineering Construction Projects and Dalian Online Approval Supervision Platform for Investment Projects. And it will generate the only project code for identification during the whole construction period through Dalian Online Approval Supervision Platform for Investment Projects. All the related departments use the project code generated by Dalian Online Approval Supervision Platform for Investment Projects to deal with the relevant approval.


9.         All the relevant department participating in Multi-Regulation Platform should be in accordance with these operation rules to draw up detailed rules for the implementation of work and inside operational system, to identify responsible offices and staff for generating planning, to identify operational procedures and detailed rules for account management robot, information acceptation, approval research and opinion push, to identify the time limit for all the inside link and to identify responsibilities for the related staff. Therefore, it can form a standardized operation process. Then it can consequently respond to the tasks on the Multi-Regulation Platform the first time and push the units’ opinions promptly. As a result, it will finally improve the regulation, authority and operational efficiency in the platform operation.


10.     All the departments apply for opening and logout units’ accounts through Municipal Multi-Regulation Office, and use these accounts to deal with the to-do as well as upload project opinions and relevant documents on the Multi-Regulation Platform.



11.      Based on the same spatial reference, “A Blueprint” makes the integration of units’ spatial planning. It’s the base of realizing municipal spatial development strategic. Through the means of information-based service construction platform, “A Blueprint” delimits planning control line, integrated all the special planning, eliminates the contradiction of planning differences so as to coordinate and unify the planning of all kinds in the city.


12.     Municipal Multi-Regulation Office takes charge of the organizational work of spatial strategic planning. Planning Management Department takes charge of the detailed organizational work of spatial strategic planning, the edition, deepening, maintenance and dynamic updating of “A Blueprint” and the specified examination of the related spatial planning. Being in accordance with annual establishment requirements raised by Municipal Multi-Regulation Office and based on the municipal spatial strategic, departments of industries which views the Multi-Regulation “A Blueprint” as their working basic map, organize the development of spatial planning for the industry.


13.     All the related spatial planning of the departments of industries should be examined by the Municipal Multi-Regulation Office. And it can’t be reported to the national and provincial departments until it’s examined and passed in accordance with regulation.


The related spatial planning should be reported and then taken to Municipal Multi-Regulation Office by the Organizational Department, after it’s examined and passed or within 30 days from the date of approval.


14.     During the operation of the planning, if departments of industries need to adjust the previous special planning, they should ask for Municipal Multi-Regulation and relevant departments, afterwards adjust previous special planning according to the procedures. And it will enter the dynamic updating of the Multi-Regulation Platform after reporting planning result to Multi-Regulation Office and then it examined and approved.


If departments find that there is contradiction in related spatial special planning during the usage of planning result, they should report to the Municipal Multi-Regulation Office in no time, and then initiate synergy procedure.



15.     If departments apply to use Multi-Regulation Platform, they need to submit application according to the request. And Planning Management Department will handle the formal Multi-Regulation Platform application procedures for the applied departments.


16.     All the acquired sharing information through Multi-Regulation Platform can only be used in the need to perform unit itself duties, it can not used to any other purposes. Without the consent of Multi-Regulation Information Department, departments are not allowed to publicize the acquired sharing information to the public. Multi-Regulation Platform will not provide raw data acquisition download. If departments are in need of using raw data, they should request application and acquisition from Data Copyright Department.


17.     Departments who is in accordance with the need of performing duties, additional conditions like safety and confidentiality, acquire sharing Multi-Regulation information, would not be allowed to make use of the Multi-Regulation information reported by departments to do business. If there is contradiction in the additional sharing conditions between departments, it will be checked and maintained secrecy by Information-Based Management Department.


18.     Departments collect Multi-Regulation information should include GIS DATA( which adopts GIS format and 2000 geodetic coordinate system), planning documents and relevant pictures, the basic information of the projects( project name, style of outcome, edition unit, edition time, planning range, planning area, planning period, administrative district and so on) and the basic additional documents( basic data compilation, workshop study report and illustrated files or emails during the job, approval files and so on).


1)        GIS DATA can enter Multi-Regulation Platform by adopting the way of providing the map service in accordance with the OGC standard.


2)        By adopting the way of submitting GIS database in accordance with the request of specific data collection, GIS DATA can enter Multi-Regulation Platform after finishing checking by platform technical support department.


3)        If there is a problem indeed, and can not provide regulated GIS DATA directly, departments can also submit after  applying delegation in Municipal Urban and Rural Planning Mapping  Geographic Information Service Centre to handle data.


4)        Other documents should submit to Municipal Multi-Regulation Office promptly in electronic CD file according to the request, and its department will display it on the Multi-Regulation Platform.


DATA standard will be made and publicized by Municipal Multi-Regulation Office.



19.     Each responsible department is responsible for the supervision of job of the department in Multi-Regulation Platform, and urge contractors to handle the project on schedule. As for the problems can not be settle coordinately or related to more than two approval departments, should make a coordinated application to the responsible department or Municipal Multi-Regulation Office.


Municipal Multi-Regulation Office is responsible for the setting up the regulation for Multi-Regulation Platform management and supervision and evaluation mechanism. It makes daily coordinated supervision in “A Blueprint” and constructive project planning. Besides, it’s also responsible for giving warn to all kinds of job on the Multi-Regulation Platform, urging management, building daily supervision coordinating ledger.


20.     Multi-Regulation Platform open access to the administrative approval electronic supervision system of related inspectors. Inspectors make a research according to the online real-time monitor and Municipal Multi-Regulation Office daily monitor, and they also responsible for performance deduction and performance accountability for the responsible relevant units and staff.


21.     If the relevant administrative department and its staff have one of the following acts, Supervision Department or the related units will take performance accountability according to their management authority:


1)        Not in accordance with the relevant procedures.


Not reporting the relevant spatial planning to Multi-Regulation coordinating management organization to examine.


‚Not examining the relevant spatial planning according to the regulation.


ƒNot going through the legal procedures to adjust spatial strategic planning.


2)        Not in accordance with the operational management requirements.


Not data exchange with integrated platform. After the supervision of Multi-Regulation coordination management organization, relevant administrative department still hasn’t built up within the time limit.


‚Not reporting the related spatial planning to Multi-Regulation coordinating management organization to enter Multi-Regulation Platform according to the regulation.


ƒNot good cause and not providing, accepting, handling or providing, accepting and handling information for delay.


„Not finishing relevant job in the time limit or not putting forward departmental opinion.


…The above information is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete, or the approval opinion is inconsistent with planning opinion.


†Not reporting that the barrier occurs when Multi-Regulation Platform accesses interface promptly .


3)        Illegal use of the information or not strictly keeping the user’s account and password of the Multi-Regulation Platform, results in the disclosure of state secrets, business secrets and personnel secrets.


4)        Other violations of this regulation.



22.     Dalian “Multi-Regulation” work leading office is responsible for the explanation of this regulation.


This regulation shall be implemented from the date of