A Notice from the General Office of the People's Government of Dalian on Clearing and Standardizing the Price Increase in the Power Supply

The governments of all cities and counties, administrative committees of leading districts, relevant departments of municipal governments and relevant units

The average reduction( by 10%) of industrial and commercial electricity prices is an important commitment to the whole society by the State Council's Government Work Report this year. It is a hard task that must be accomplished. Since this year, the Dalian Provincial Development and Reform Commission has adjusted the general industrial and commercial electricity price four times. The catalogue electricity price has been reduced by 8.39 cents per kilowatt hour, and the target of "average reduction of 10% in the general industrial and commercial electricity price" has been fulfilled. Since September this year, in order to truly benefit the end users with the results of price reduction, according to the relevant requirements of the National and Provincial Development and Reform Commission on clearing and standardizing the charging of power grids and power transfer links, all regions have taken action actively, and we achieved remarkable progress in price reduction and standardization on power transfer work with the support of power companies. Positive progress has also been made. However, there are still many problems in some areas, such as the unclear number of the subjects of transfer power supply and end users, the inadequate policy publicization and explanation, the inadequate transmission price reduction dividend of the subjects of power supply, and the measures taken by the National and Provincial Development and Reform Commission to reduce the general industrial and commercial electricity price that have not been effectively transmitted and implemented.

In order to do a good job in clearing and standardizing the price increase in the power supply part, and ensure that the price reduction results can truly benefit the end users, with the consent of the municipal government, the relevant matters are notified as following:

1. Continue to intensify the cleaning of power supply

On the basis of the preliminary work, all governments should search out the base number of the subjects of transfer power supply and end users in all responsible commercial complexes, industrial parks, property and office buildings, comprehensively investigate the behavior of not implementing the price reduction policy and the behavior of not conducting the price reduction dividend within the prescribed time limit, and clean all roadblocks in the transmission of the price reduction policy. The unreasonable price increase in the transfer power supply parts, such as street stores and dealers, should also be systematically checked and cleaned up without leaving blind spots. All regions should work together with the development and reform departments, market supervision and management departments, power companies and other relevant departments in their respective jurisdictions, concentrate their efforts, and time to carry out special investigation actions, sort out and investigate the main power suppliers in their respective jurisdictions one by one, and verify whether the main power suppliers at different levels, such as property and commercial complex operators, are implemented in place,

and spot check whether the electricity price of some ordinary industrial and commercial users has really dropped. To the irregular power transfer, we should establish accounts, implement time-limited rectification and revoking, make them strictly follow the price reduction policy to clear up the overcharges, and follow the implementation continuously and dynamically. In areas where the implement is slow, thematic meetings should be organized to re-emphasize, re-deploy and re-implement the work of clearing and standardizing the price increase of power supply.

2.Effective transmission of price reduction dividends to end users

All regions should complete the work of clearing up and standardizing the subjects of power supply before the end of December 2018. All the subjects of power supply should implement the new national electricity price policy, and all the overcharges should be returned in time, and the price dividend should be on the hand of end users. The total electricity charges charged by the subjects of  power supply to all end users, (including the operators of the subjects of the power supply in office, common parts, common facilities, parking lots, etc., the same below) shall not exceed the total electricity charges paid to the power grid enterprises. Subjects of power transfer shall pay electricity fees to power grid enterprises on the sales price stipulated by the national government, and the electricity fees paid by them shall be fairly shared among all end users according to the electricity quantity of each meter. According to the Regulations on Property Management and the relevant provisions of the Property Service Fee Management Measures, the daily operation and maintenance expenses of the common parts and facilities of the property shall be charged through the property fee, and the power transfers shall not duplicate the charges to the end users in the name of the electricity service fee.

3.Further Publicization of the Price Reduction Policy

All regions should adopt various effective media methods to strengthen the publicization, highlight the key points, ensure that all the subjects and end users of power supply are aware of the price reduction policy and implement it. We should take full advantages of power grid enterprises, disseminate the General Industrial and Commercial Power Price Reduction Policy Notice, publicize the price reduction policy measures to each supplier, and urge them to distribute the notices to all end users, so as to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of policy notification. We also can co-operate with local communications administrations and organize communications operators to expand policy publicity coverage by sending public service messages of electricity price reduction to all users. For those who intercept the dividend of national price reduction, the end users of suppliers are encouraged to complain and report to the price supervision and inspection departments through 12358. Negative typical cases, such as refusal to execute and withholding policy dividends, should be interviewed, exposed by the media or punished according to regulations

4.Be co-operative with the third party’s evaluation and other work

Regional development and reform commissions should share information, communicate the progress of work, explain the implementation of relevant policies with local ministries of industry and information technology, and prepare for their evaluation. We should carefully analyze the implementation of various price reduction measures and the average reduction of electricity prices in general industry and commerce in own region, and take the initiative to conduct self-examination and self-evaluation to find and solve problems in time. Power grid enterprises in various regions should assist users to report the illegal price increase by the power supplier and the failure to implement the national electricity price policy to the development and reform commission.

If the suppliers refuse to rectify or implement the policy in place, users also should report to the local development and reform departments timely. We can establish credit files and blacklist system for the irregularity of power suppliers, assist to provide relevant materials, and timely incorporate such dishonest behaviors of illegal price increase and non-implementation of national electricity price policy into the national credit information sharing platform.

5.Establishing Weekly reporting System to Further Strengthen Responsibility

In order to cooperate with the nation third-party’s evaluation and supervision, a weekly report system for cleaning and standardizing the price increase of power supply in our city will be established from now on. Every Friday, all regions will report the progress of the work respectively, including the implementation of work, investigation of the base, cleaning and rectification, standardizing the charging and other situations and results.

All regions should raise further awareness, enhance sense of urgency and responsibility, intensify efforts and really implement the requirements in this paper, and put the clearance and standardization of the price increase in the power supply at the top of the current price work. In accordance with the work objectives, tasks and responsibilities that were previously formulated, all regions should conscientiously check the schedule, and make solid progress. As for the those who fail to implement the work responsibilities, take inadequate measures, and do harm to the effect of the price reduction policy or those who are evaluated to be poor in work by third parties, they should take responsibility seriously. All the works aim to ensure that the price reduction results truly benefit the end-users.