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Circular of the General Office of the People's Government of Dalian Municipality on Printing and Distributing Detailed Rules for the Opening of Bid of Dalian Public Resources Platform

The people's governments of the districts and counties, leaders of pilot areas, the municipal government committees, offices of the municipal governments, all the relevant units:

After the approval of the municipal government, the "Procedures for opening bid of the public resources platform of Dalian" is hereby issued to you, please practical and earnestly implement.

General Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government

November 28, 2018

Procedures for opening bid the public resources platform of Dalian

In order to improve the efficiency of the opening bid of our city's public resources, strengthen the standardized management, further reduce the institutional transaction Cost, according to the Law of The People's Republic of electronic tendering and bidding method, these regulations are formulated in accordance with laws and regulations and related provisions.

I. Conceptual Interpretation

Online Bid Opening refers to the conversion of traditional physical opening to the virtual space of public resources trading platform based on the Internet.A tenderer, a bidder, and other trading entities may, through the Internet, log on to the online trading hall of the public resources trading platform of Dalian to enter the special bid opening room, which shall be opened online and shall be subject to the online supervision of the administrative supervision and administration department.

II. Practical significance

Online bid opening can break the limitation of the physical space of the opening space and avoid the interference of human factors.The opening of the bid goes by the form of no meeting, greatly save the Bidder's transportation, accommodation and other expenses.Online declassification of bid documents, online query of bidders, online answering of the tenderee and online confirmation of bidders, etc., are conducive to maintaining a fair and open trading environment.

III. Scope of Application

This procedure is applicable to the online bid opening of the public resources trading platform of Dalian.

IV. Work Flow

 (1) The bid invitation purchasing agent or the bidding purchasing agent shall, in accordance with the project category and legal time requirements, make an advance reservation online to open the virtual venue for the opening of the bid in Dalian.

 (2) The bid invitation purchasing agent or the purchasing agent for bidding shall serve as the host of the online bid opening room.The host will start the online bid opening according to the online bid opening procedure and operation permission.

(3) All bidders who participate in the online opening bid shall sign in through the Internet.

 (4) In accordance with the bid opening time specified in the Bidding Document, the online bid opening room shall automatically withdraw the bid documents according to the requirements of the bid opening function, and the bid documents shall be subject to the final upload of the documents by the Bidder.

 (5) The online bid opening room shall automatically detect the quantity of the bid documents and verify the payment of bid security.If there are less than 3 bidding documents or less than 3 guarantee deposits, the system automatically prompts the host to decide whether to terminate the bid opening according to the relevant regulations.

 (6) The host shall issue an instruction according to the declassified manner specified in the Bidding Document, which requires the tenderer and every bidder to participate in the bidding on time and simultaneously perform the online decryption on time within the agreed time.

 (7) After the completion of the bid opening and decryption, the online bid opening room shall display and announce the name of the Bidder, the Bid Price and other contents to be announced in the Bidding Document.

 (8) If a bidder disagrees with the bid opening process, the bid opening room may be brought forward immediately.The bid invitation purchasing agent or the bidding purchasing agent will reply immediately through the online bid opening room.

 (9) The online tender opening room automatically generates a bid opening record, which is recognized on the online electronic signature of the target bidder.

(10) After confirmation, the online bid opening room shall publish the results to each bidder.

 (11) The host clicks the closing button of the bid opening and the process will be over.

V. Emergency guarantee

During the bid opening process, the online bid opening room shall be dissolved within a short period of time due to power failure, network failure, system failure, etc., which may be dissolved within a short period of time (no more than 1 hour), and the bid opening shall be continued after the failure is dissolved;If the failure fails to be lifted within a short period of time (above 1 hour), the tenderer may terminate the bid opening in accordance with the law and make good preparations for the seal and confidentiality of the bidding documents, and shall resume the bid opening after the failure is dissolved.

 VI. Basic Requirements

 (1) CA Digital Certificate (hereinafter referred to as CA).A tenderer, bidder, etc. shall use CA to participate in bid opening, sign-in, identity authentication, receipt of documents and sign documents, etc.Where a bidder fails to process CA, it may be allowed to log in to the system in other ways, such as distribution account number and password, with the consent of the public resources trading platform.

 (2) The electronic operation of the public resources trading platform.The Bidder is logged in to the public resources transaction platform of Dalian to download the common problems and solutions of the bid opening of the Operation Manual of Online Bid Opening Hall and Common Problems of  Online Bidding Hall and solutions as well as other software that it needs to install.As a tenderer, software such as computer operating system, IE browser, Office and other software shall comply with the system operation requirements.

 (3) Preparation of tender documents.A bidder shall, in accordance with the requirements of the online bid opening, download and install the bidding documents to prepare the software to generate the bidding documents.Use General Office software to prepare documents such as WORD, PDF and other formats cannot be uploaded directly, encrypted and declassified, and the bidding documents must be generated in conjunction with the bidding document preparation software.

 (4) The online bid opening test.In order to make the online bid opening smoothly, the bidding documents shall be used for decryption test after completion of the bidding documents, and the online bid opening test shall be conducted so as to avoid the decryption of the bid opening.

 (5) Submit the tender documents.For the deadline for submission of bids, the tender file transfer that has not be completed yet shall be deemed not to be submitted to the tender documents.

 (6) Bid opening requirements.All tenderers shall sign in on the online bid opening room prior to the opening of tenders.At the time of bid opening, the process such as declassification, confirmation and signature is completed in accordance with the instructions.No bid opening room shall be left on the Internet during the bid.The tender documents which have not been declassified as a result of the Bidder's cause shall be regarded as a cancellation of the Bid.The Bid shall be deemed to be withdrawn as a result of the Bidder's failure to decrypt the Bid for reasons other than the Bidder.Bid opening of other tender documents may continue to be carried out if part of the bidding documents are not declassified.

 (7) Clarify and answer questions.For clarification and answer questions sent to bidders from the trading desk before bid evaluation, the bidder shall reply in a timely manner.

 (8) Purchase payment for margin and tender purchase documents.In accordance with the requirements of the Notice of Dalian Public Resources Trading and Management Office on the Implementation of Online Automatic Deposit Payment and Tender Procurement Documents for Online Payment , the Bidder fails to submit the Bid Security in accordance with the Bidding Purchasing Document and the Bid is invalid.

VII. Others

 (1) During the operation of the online bid opening, a technical consultation telephone is opened for the public resources trading platform in Dalian to solve the specific problems of the bidders.

 (2) The administrative supervision and administration departments and trading service institutions shall perfect the confidentiality work on the Internet and the internal management and services, and pay attention to the supervision of process retention marks, etc.

 (3) To properly save the bid opening records and the documents of the bid opening process, audio and video, etc., the retention period shall not be less than 15 years.Where a tenderer or agent needs to save information, he may download or copy a public resource transaction platform himself.

 (4) This procedure shall be interpreted by the Public Resources Management Office of Dalian.

 (5) This procedure shall come into force as of the January 1, 2019.