Notification Issued by Dalian Government on Policy of Encouraging Undergraduates in Full-Time Regular Higher Educational Universities to Join the Army

People’s governments of all cities, districts and counties, management committees of all pilot areas, relevant departments of municipal government, all universities in Dalian and relevant units:

In order to mobilize the initiative of full-time regular higher educational universities (hereinafter referred to as universities) to encourage more undergraduates to join the army and serve country as well as to steadily advance the work of students recruitment arranged by Dalian government, the notification on policy of encouraging undergraduates in universities to join the army are as follows.  

The university could get 1000 yuan as subsidy for recruiting one undergraduates to join army in Dalian, which could be used as budget subsidy for university recruitment. Besides, all needed funds would be provided by municipal finance department. It would be implemented on January 1, 2016.