Knowing new rules earlier in the early stage of heating supplying

With the heating supplying time approaching, the number of citizens who  pay fees to heating enterprises is on the increase gradually. Interim Provisions of Dalian Municipality on the Administration for Heating Users Stopping Using Heat was officially implemented a few days ago, among which a lot of provisions are closely related to the interests of the public who have paid the fees.


The third provision in the new Provision stipulates that “for the houses which have been assigned to certain heating system suspended from heating supply, the users should take identity card and certificate of house property to conduct heating stopping formality to the local heating company before Oct. 25th and sign a suspension for (use) thermal agreement.” Requirement in the new provision is 5 days later than the previous one.


In the previous interim provisions, it required “if the assigned users haven’t conducted the suspension formality in overdue period and haven’t paid the heating fee, the heating companies will supply heat until November 15th and if the users still fail to pay, the heating supply will be stopped and all the heating fee and overdue fine should be undertaken by the users”. But in the new provision, the overdue fine has been cancelled.



In order to deal with the peak period of paying fee, the Development Zone Heating Company Co., Ltd. has added two fee collecting windows this year and the weekend break has been cancelled and all the staff have been working overtime.



What’s more, the users who belong to the Development Zone Heating Company Co., Ltd. can go to partial bank outlets for heating payment business, apart from the payment hall, so as to relieve the pressure of the payment hall.