Market Supervision Bureau of Ganjingzi District implements Regulations on Anti-smuggling by Liaoning Province and achieves good results

Since the implementation of Regulations on the Comprehensive Management of Anti-smuggling by Liaoning Province, the Market Supervision Bureau of Ganjingzi District has focused on both publicity and supervision through such special campaigns as State Regulation 2016 to crack down on the sales of illegal import commodities, and achieved good results. On one hand, the Administration enhanced publicity through such activities as “12315” Consumers’Rights and Interests Protection Day and “Youth without Drugs” in the forms of publicity brochures, leaflets, legal advice and legal aid, so as to make the masses learn about the importance of anti-smuggling and foster a favorable social atmosphere. On the other hand, the Administration enhanced regular supervision to create an orderly market. Based on the analysis of economic structure of the district and the survey of relevant industries, the Administration regarded glasses sales industry as the key supervision target due to the illegal source and punished 8 glasses stores with the fine of 106 thousand yuan. Besides, the Market Supervision Bureau of Ganjingzi District also conducted a special inspection on lubrication distribution enterprises about foreign brand lubricants and filed 2 cases with the penalty of 80 thousand yuan. During the process of implementing the Regulations, the Administration assisted enterprises in formulating rules to guide them to improve the quality safety management responsibility system and internal security management system, thus further ascertaining the legal responsibility of large retailers. Furthermore, the Administration took Ansheng Shopping Mall and Yihecheng Shopping Mall as the pilot enterprises to promote the implementation of the Regulations.